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I'm a LVT. I'm a writer. I'm a crazy lady with a wild past.


For all of those who have stood beside me, held my hand or got shitfaced with me (in person or over the pages of my books):

It’s a new day to a new year and sometimes we all need a fresh start. I’ve been working on some new ideas and even a secret new book (three people know about this book and that is including me!) I’ve also been taking a few courses on writing and marketing self-published books. It has my brain buzzing and not in the tequila sort of way.

With all of this in consideration, I have elected to pull my current books, my blog and my social media writing profiles. I know, I know. I see the panic in your eyes. Don’t worry. I’ll be back, hopefully better than ever and rebranded. A new name, a new take on my first series and a new book (or two or three… well, hopefully lots of new books.) Most of you are people I know personally and I’m ready to step up, step out and step into the big world.

No worries. When I’m ready, I will come back for you. Promise.

Love, Hugs and Shots of Strong Liquor,