Tomato Stakes


Have you ever met a man that makes you act foolish? You are in good company. Let me tell you the story of the most ridiculous relationship ever.

I was a free spirited gypsy. I needed no man. I had my crazy cousin to fill my days. We drank until we couldn’t stand. We drove people insane. We were inseparable and damned with nearly the same name, Melanie Moore and Melissa Moore. Here’s the secret, we weren’t really cousins!

Then, she moved away. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep myself busy. I did the rational thing and started to plot my life around a man who didn’t even know I was alive. Our paths crossing again depended on one thing: tomatoes.

Julio was a crew leader for a tomato harvesting company. I would have to cross my fingers and pray he would return the following summer. He was so mesmerizing, I wasn’t even sure I could look him in the eye. A mutual friend was sure he could make the match.

The obsession became unhealthy, as most are. Before you could say cherry tomato, I lived in a fantasy world that I would indeed love, marry and copulate with Julio. I was going to be his reason for getting up in the morning, his reason for living.

If I only knew then what I know now, I would have checked myself into the psych ward.

Come join me for some Coronas, a few shots of tequila and a wild time following an irresistible man.

Word On The Street:  What Readers Are Saying!

Five Star Review by Chelsea DoEpp, Founder of The Booze, Books and Bitchin’ Book Club

“Looking for a lovey dovey, close of the summer Nicholas Sparks type beach book? Well then keep looking because this definitely isn’t for you! However, if you’re looking for that bang your head against the wall hopefully pessimistic love story your prayers have been answered. It seems Melanie Jo Moore’s 20 something crazy lifestyle has landed her in the worst kind of love story, that of unrequited love. And no amount of Corona and tequila could keep her away. Good judgement be damned, she was going to get her man at all costs! I had the honor of receiving an advanced reader copy of ‘Tomato Stakes’ and really enjoyed the ups and downs…and downs…and downs! Ms. Moore brings back her talent for making the reader feel better about the bad decisions we’ve all made in the name of love (or lust!). This book was a real page turner from beginning to bitter sweet end, leaving me wanting more, more, MORE! Grab a Corona, some limes, maybe a bottle or two of tequila and sit in for the long, bumpy ride that is ‘Tomato Stakes’!”

 “I enjoy Melanie’s writing so much! She has a special talent for making the reader ride on the roller coaster of her life with passion. I cannot wait for the next chapter of the saga to begin, keep it up Melanie!”

“After reading LTYC, I realized I needed more of this gypsy, drunk lover Meldawg. I couldn’t wait to pick up Tomato Stakes! So I had the wonderful opportunity of being a beta reader for this second book! And what an awesome journey it was!!

This author has an incredible way of making the situation light enough to easily relate and or sympathize with her potentially, as she put it, insane situations. But real enough that you become protective of her and want to keep reading as if you are right there with her through it all.

In Tomato Stakes, yet again, I felt the need to call up my girls and party it up Shore style because “Meldawg” reminded me how important my true friendships are. You stick together through thick and thin, and have a nice cold one ready when one of you falls down. She brought me through uncontrollable laughing fits, that I had to stifle with my hand in case I woke my sleeping kids, she had me almost in tears for the heart ache she was endearing because of love. This book, like before, was a great read and I recommend you jump on for a great ride with Meldawg!”

“It was a great, fun read. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!  Great Job!”

Where can I get Tomato Stakes?


Barnes and Noble


Tomato Stakes has a new look!

Tomato stakes new cover


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