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#fmsphotoaday Day 14 #fms_eye

As Instagram filled with creative, high quality photos of eyeballs…


#fms_eye #eye #aussie #australianshepherd #jersey #dog #pet 5/14/16

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I posted this…

I do understand that I lack excellence in my photo with the others of such high caliber.  When you are desperate for a shot that involves an eyeball and you’ve got this going on, you’ve got to run with it.  Get on that treadmill and start hoofing it.



Myspace Blog: Get Your Post Back

When social media was in its primal state of Myspace, many of us took advantage of the blog it offered.  Myspace fell off the face of the Earth in the face of Facebook, Google + and Twitter.  The only time anyone used Myspace anymore was in the phrase, “Remember on Myspace…”

Much like a scorned woman, Myspace got chicken-headed.  She decided to reinvent herself and get her groove back.  She burned years of love letters (blogs) and pictures.  New Myspace was going to be the new frontier.

What really happened:  I don’t think Myspace is ever going to have a real comeback with the original group.  We have matured and feel that Myspace was that place of our younger days.  The ‘New Myspace’ did get our attention however.  What’s that saying about not missing something until it’s gone?  Yeah, that was us Myspacers.  What right did Myspace have to dispose of pictures and blogs that rightfully belonged to us?  

I was not a whiner about it.  My thought was if we had really cared about those items, we wouldn’t have entrusted them to a site that was going down like the Titanic.  It was our own damn fault.

Months ago, they made it possible to retrieve your old pictures.  I admit, I ran back with arms wide open to get my photos and headed for the hills.  But wait, there’s a reason for me to come back down the mountain and see the battlefield!  

Blogs are available for a limited time!

What you must do:  

This link will explain it all: http://bit.ly/1b5zl90  

The site says it will take months, but within minutes I had an email saying that my blogs were ready for download.


Totally Frickin’ RAWResome!

In the veterinary medicine world, some days are just as you envisioned it when you were a child.  You spend your whole day being kissed in the face by fuzzy little puppies.  You hug armfuls of little purring kittens.  There may even be some rainbows and unicorns.

On the other hand, there are those days that it seems every dog manages to pee on you and every cat wants to scratch your eyes out.  How do I get through these days?  Recognition in my writing world.

When I got home Saturday, I found out that I had the week’s Top Ten Blog list over at julieschicklit.com for Graveyard Funnies.  I was overjoyed to hear that a fellow blogger had enjoyed my tale of canned goods and dead people!  I ran outside with my cell phone in my work-related injured hand, yelling for the beau, “Look!  Look at this!”

They say (at least) the first six months of breaking into the writing world will send you through emotional phases ranging from excitement, panic and a depression that could be easily represented by a Zoloft commercial.  When your book is first released, you will have a rush of supportive friends and family.  You will be on top of the world! (Check) Then, things will slow down and even at some points may feel that it came to a sudden halt.  You may realize that you suddenly have fist fulls of hair and patchy bald spots.  You read up on what other indie writers do and you start mimicking their ways.  Facebook, twitter, blogging.  (Check)  You may even be invited to a book club meeting which will bring on conditions such as nausea, hives and a sudden nervous twitch.  (Check – Read Here)  You start looking at the numbers and become sadden that not everyone goes back to review your book on Amazon and such.  Did they hate it?  Did they not even bother?  I’m an adult.  I understand everyone is super busy with their lives and may not have time to go back and leave a review.  I also understand, that as an adult, I may feel the need to lock myself in my bathroom and cry my eyes out. (Check)

And then the outside world starts to take notice in your work.  (I recently overheard a client saying how moving off of our tiny peninsula was like moving back to the United States)  I get reviews from strangers.  I get nominated on another blog.  Sales start trickling in again.

I understand that this may all boil down to a hobby that just amounts to me entertaining myself at a keyboard.  I’m cool with that.  Would I like to sit down at a resteraunt, look over and see another patron with my book at their hands and a smirk at their lips?  Would I like to overhear someone at the grocery store say their reading this outrageous book by a local author?  Most certainly.  I’m going to keep this up as long as a dog doesn’t chew off my fingers and a cat doesn’t damage my eyeballs past the point of use.

*SHOUT OUT to Julie @ Julie’s Chick Lit.  Run over there and give that girl some lovin’.

Sometimes… being crazy is the only way to deal with being crazy.