Hangover Cures

This page is dedicated to brunch, that scrumptious meal that soaks up all the booze and helps you recover from the worst feeling ever.

July 21, 2013
Many of us have experienced a Sunday morning or two that you needed a heavy morning meal to soak up those alcohol molecules still reeking havoc on our bodies. I just came across Auntie Shay’s French Toast recipe. This looks amazing!


What is your hangover fix?

Photo Credit: Molly Shoneve

July 28, 2013

Holy mackerel! That’s what I call a ‪#‎brunch‬ sandwich!



August 4, 2013

Mmmmm … This simple brunch looks like it could kick a Sunday morning’s ass!



August 11, 2013

I must run to the store right now and buy these ingredients! Shakshuka looks amazing! ‪#‎brunch‬




August 18th 2013

The Bacon Weave Elvis Sandwich!

This may be the most genius thing I’ve seen yet! Banana and Peanut Butter on a BACON WEAVE! It’s Elvis’ sandwich upped one. I’m drooling. I need bacon! And Banana! And Peanut Butter!

Not sure how to make a bacon weave? This video can help!

Photo Credit: dudefoods.com

August 24th 2013

In my many years of hangover experience, I’ve always gone for easy when it comes to brunch (which is why I usually went to the Exmore Diner and had someone else cook it for me.)
I love the looks of this brunch. I’m thinking the steps allow you just enough time to fix another cup of coffee, take some more Advil, and hold your head as you cry, “WHY, WHY DID I DRINK THAT MUCH?” And there’s only one pan to clean up!

Here’s the recipe:



September 1st 2013

There is one food item in particular that has helped me survive some pretty impressive drink-a-thons.

POSOLE! (or Pozole… depending on where you are from)

This soup will save your ass every time. The problem is, it generally is a special occasion soup … and rightfully so because it is so labor intensive. BUT WAIT! This brunch searching lady has found a quickie recipe to rescue you from hungover crisis! This quickie version has chicken instead of pork and will require a little ‘game night’ planning. (Don’t act all coy, you know just as well as I do, by noon time on a Saturday you know if you are going to get crunked or not. Get that grocery list!) You’ll want to have some shredded raw cabbage, avocado and cilantro to use as a topper. SO GOOD!

Before I hand over the recipe address… I do highly recommend getting your grubby paws on the real deal at some point. Posole really is the most amazing soup I have ever been introduced to ever. There is something magical about the goodness.




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