Letters To Young Chong

Booze, sex, and good times. What more could you ask for from a memoir? Letters To Young Chong is much like the pickled ginger on a sushi plate. As a reader, sometimes you need something spicy to cleanse your palate between complex books. That is what you will find here.

Letters To Young Chong is based on the friendship that developed between Melissa Moore and myself. No relation at all. We were often confused as the same person or considered twins. It was a rough start having to share my name. I was sure I would hate that name stealing girl for all of time. Thank goodness I finally got over that. I could not imagine life without her.

Through the beginning chapters, you will read how our friendship was built. In our rural area, we weren’t provided with the luxuries of entertainment big city kids have. We learned how to keep ourselves occupied with fast cars, booze and each other.

The friendship survives years of separation and abusive relationships. When we finally meet up again, we fall right back into step. It is obvious though that time has taken its toll and the situations we have lived through change our outlook on the world forever.

So grab a stiff drink and join the Young Chong experience! Jump on the crazy train that readers are describing as an addicting, rowdy story that will make you bust out laughing and cry your eyes out. If you survive this ride, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for the sequel!

Word On The Street

What readers are saying about Letters To Young Chong:

“What a great read, I couldn’t put it down! Rarely do I read a book that is so entirely relateable. And just as I was thinking I was the only one with crazy relationships and a potential drinking problem! I love that this book takes the double standard out of the equation and says “Yes, I’m a woman, yes I like booze and sex, so what?” I would recommend this book to everyone, especially women who need a good read to make them laugh, cry, and shoot margarita out of there nose (ouch!). Waiting patiently for the next book by this author!”

“Just read your book, loved it! Great job, look forward to the next one.”

“Gotta tell ya I loved it!!! Awesome book Mel!!! Keep’em comin’!!!! xoxoxoxo Congrat!!!”

“Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel, Mel! (or should I say Scarlett!) I haven’t finished it yet…but we need to get together and play a game of pool and compare horror and other stories! Too funny (except what wasn’t!). WE have more in common than I would have thought! I’ll finish tonight and give you a review… I can’t tell you how many times I burst out laughing!”

This book was awesome! I haven’t laughed out loud while reading a book in a very long time, I can’t even remember the last book. Letters to Young Chong had me hysterically laughing at parts! It just so happened I picked up this book at the right time of year, Summer. While I couldn’t read this book at the beach, I did read it sitting by my pool and it is the PERFECT summer read. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs something uncomplicated and FUN! It’s easy to read and was just a pleasure to crack the book open and read. Before I knew it I saw two little words that really ruined my day. Those words were “the end”

A fair warning to all….be ready to have intense cravings for margaritas while reading this book….especially when you are reading it at 8:30 in the morning!”

“Please read this, it’s hilarious!”

“I really enjoyed reading this book. Each chapter gives you an sight to the life of two young dare devil girls whose paths were destined to crossed. Melanie and Melissa really proved that friends may come and go but the true one stays with you forever. GREAT STORY!”

“I found this book very hard to put down. With each turn of the page I became more emotionally involved. There’s never a dull moment. Very well written and a must read!”

“I bought this book after seeing something about the first review through social media. Letters to Young Chong is funny in a Chelsea Handler kind of way. This book is full of laughs and great stories of growing up in a rural area.”

“I’ve always loved hearing Mel’s stories of her adventures! So needless to say I loved reading her book. She always has a way of turning a frown upside down. This book reminded me of how important a true friendship is, and how hard it is to find one yet so easy to keep.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I grew up on the shore and went to school with the publisher but until now I never really new her other than seeing her at school. This story showed me a glimpse into her life and I enjoyed every minute of reading. Mel you are such a free spirit and a great person. Good luck on your future writings and I look forward to them.”

“A great depiction of life in a small town. I found myself laughing out loud several times. These girls had the adventures you wish you had in high school, but were too afraid to defy your parents to live out. Great read that will take you back in time.”
“I finished reading “Letters to Young Chong” It left me wanting more….great job Mel ❤. XoxoxoX It was fun & fabulous …just like you! ;) “

“I took advantage of the free offer, and just finished reading the book. It was magnolious.”

“I really enjoyed reading this first novel from local writer Melanie Moore. I found it difficult to put down, and laughed so hard I cried. A great and silly read that will have you gasping for air and groaning aloud at the hilarious mischief this young lady get herself into.”

“What a fun read! I laughed, bit off a few fingernails, and craved Mexican food. Such a great view into Meldawg’s life. I couldn’t stop reading in anticipation of the next adventure of Melanie and Melissa. After reading this book, you will never again say that small towns are boring! I am looking forward to the next book!”

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