#fmsphotoaday Day Six

Day Six … Air … The day I almost forgot.

#fmsphotoaday Day 6: Air … it's there… I promise.

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I shit you not folks, I was in that funny medium between being slightly alert and being really asleep.  You know that special land where you can almost start dreaming?  I had a hot rice pack on my rickety neck and shoulder.  It was easing the aches and pains I have developed over the years and then suddenly into the darkness…

“Fuck.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I shot up out of bed, threw the covers off of me while continuing to cling to the rice pack.

“What?  What’s wrong?”  The poor beau was probably certain that my evil alter ego, ‘Sleep Walking’ Mel had struck and was about to raise havoc on the dark household.  Would I turn on the coffee pot or the stove?

“I didn’t blog.  I took the damn air picture but I never did a blog post about it.  If I skip today, I’ll skip tomorrow and I’ll never get back on track.”

So here I am.  In my pajamas (which are decorated with peacocks) and no glasses.  I have no idea what I’m typing.  If someone assumes I’m drunk right now, I’ll sadly have to correct them tomorrow by saying … no.  No I’m blind.

No reason to proofread this sucker because it’s a blurry screen to me.

Tomorrow…. This means a lot to me… or Tomato a hot toddy.  I’m not quite sure.  I can’t see the damn thing.


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