#fmsphotoaday Day Five

Day five’s photo challenge from Fat Mum Slim is button.

#fmsphotoaday Day 5: Button … on my Tufted Titmouse shirt. Yes, I have a Tufted Titmouse shirt. #birdnerdproblems #ilovebirds

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I want to apologize if I ever gave the impression that this would be an easy jump start to get my creative battery back up and running.  Do you know how hard it is to get through your day and find a random button to photograph?  Seriously, I almost took a picture of my bellybutton (and I’m sure there are people who have.  There were nude shots on N is for day.)  Tomorrow is AIR!  How the fuck am I supposed to photograph AIR?

I’d love to chat, but I made the fatal new recipe mistake.  I paid no attention to the ‘Time To Complete’ section Oktoberfest Chicken and Cabbage.  No biggie, right.  No biggie until you realize that it takes an hour and a half and you are just starting at 7:00 pm.  I hear it is very European to eat late.  I always wanted to be a Brit.

Join me tomorrow for Day 6:  Air …. Are you fucking kidding me… air.





2 thoughts on “#fmsphotoaday Day Five

  1. Ha – air would be a shoe-in here in Beijing.

    We are all obsessed with the air – the first thing EVERYONE does in the morning is check the Air Quality Index on the app on their phone. There are days (today) when all is well and the AQI is 74 (for good health it should really be below 25), but other days when it can get over 400 and nobody wants to go out; you cannot see from one side of the street to the other because of the pollution. Over 100 we don’t open windows, and if it hits 170 my DH and I wear Vog Masks.
    I’ve taken umpteen photos of the pollution to show my friends why, though I haven’t smoked for 35 years, I will probably get lung cancer. China had its first 6yr old diagnosed with lung cancer last month, entirely due to the bad air.

    Don’t take fresh air for granted, appreciate every breath!!

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