#fmsphotoaday : Blue

Let me start by saying I just sat with my earbuds securely placed in my ears for roughly nine minutes before I realized that I never turned on my writing jams.

Can I get a mic check? #bloggingblunder on the blog http://bit.ly/1O7Vwya

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Yup.  That pretty much summed everything up.

A few weeks ago I had this brilliant idea that I was going to get back in the writing routine by challenging myself to eat my way through the El Maguey menu.  This was going to be a tres leche cake walk for me.  I love to eat!  I posted the first meal of my challenge two weekends ago.

Side note:  I’ve been listening to this audio book on my workday commutes.  I was thinking that The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg would just be some background noise provided to me by a free credit on Audible.  Surprise to me:  It’s becoming the story of my life.

The next week, we didn’t go to El Maguey and just like that the ritual of my new blogging subject was broken.  Turns out that for something to become a habit, you have to do it more than once.  Funny thing, those habits.  By the time our next El Maguey meal had come around I had already lost interest and moved on to one of my favorites.  (Habit!  There you are!)

I whipped out my Chromebook this afternoon and typed in, “How To Get My Writing Mojo Back”.


Oh, there you are. #GettingYourWritingMojoBack http://bit.ly/1O7Vwya

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Just kidding.  I wish it was that cool.  It wasn’t.

I saw this on Facebook.  Yes, Facebook.  That black hole that is the plague of all of our brains.  However, it did possibly provide me with the writer’s starter fluid I may need.  Time to see if we can set this blog a blaze.  (Not literally.  I’m terrified of fires.)

I wasn’t a hundred percent sold on this model.  I jumped over to Pinterest and started a search.  I thought about using the list from The Journaling Sage, but today’s prompt is to list all the people you’d love to write to.  Unfortunately I can’t even fathom writing to myself lately so let’s dial this shit down a little.

I did stumble across a list of journal prompts for elementary students and I have you know…  I haven’t totally ruled that out.

My final choice comes from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim (which I accidentally read as Fat Muslim at first).  Chentelle says she’s the happiest person in the world and she loves cake.  If she adds that she loves tequila or gin to her intro then she’ll be perfect.   Her May Photo A Day Challenge seems to be just what I need.  A small task which I can rant as little or as much as I please.  Hmmm… take that writer’s block.

Today – Blue

In honor of my writer’s block, I photographed this lovely handmade Chromebook sleeve made for me by Hannah McDaniel.  I purchased it as encouragement to start writing with my  new Chromebook… that I bought to encourage myself to write.  You see the hole I’m digging there, yes?

#photoaday #challenge Blue. #fmsphotoaday http://bit.ly/1O7Vwya

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You may note that I have Pinterest up on the screen and that leads us to another hole that I have dug.  Can you see that post?  It’s about bullet journals and planners.  Bullet journals /planners are a great idea on paper (see what I did there).  When I’ve tried to set one up for myself I generally discover that it fully illustrates that I have no free time.  I was sure it was because I hadn’t found the write medium yet and for that I kept buying journals and planners.

#journalingfail #organizationalcrisis the dangers of Bullet Planners http://bit.ly/1O7Vwya

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That’s six, folks.  Six journals/planners that I have purchased this year to organize my life, thoughts and dreams … or whatever it is people on Pinterest say I’m organizing.  I had to stand on a stool to get all of those in the cute Instagram square frame and that isn’t easy when you are trying to not to bring it to your significant other’s attention that you have a problem – either with organization or irrational purchases.

Tomorrow’s Photo:  Routine – Watch out for it or for me not to show up… *mic drop*


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