#Mondayblogs – Here I Am

Who else is singing, ‘Rock you like a hurricane!’

Anyone?  Anyone?

Bueller?  Bueller?

60606499The last few lines may suggest to you that I’ve been on one of those extended cruises that celebrate the 80’s, which by the way is pure genius.

No.  No I haven’t been in the 80’s.  I’ve been here… on the cusp of being in my LATE THIRTIES.  The 80’s.  They were so long ago.  Sigh.

I’ve been a bit of a crazy person as of late.  Turns out when one area of your life is burnt out it causes lots of things to sizzle.  I’m here to see if I can get this old girl jump started and back at it.  You can either witness great success or laugh when I slip back away in the shadows.  Bring popcorn because no matter what’s going down you can always eat popcorn.

I’ve been trying to get back to the blog.  Unfortunately my tablet crashed and burned which seemed to be enough of an excuse for me to stop blogging.  Right after Christmas, I bought myself a Chromebook.  Oh, it’s lovely.  I turned it on, checked out all the cool apps and then shut it down.

Well… that didn’t go as planned.

It was a few weeks ago, that I decided food was what was going to get me back in the swing of things.  I announced to the beau that I was planning on eating my way through the El Maguey dinner menu.  We eat at our favorite restaurant once a week.  Even this special once a week treat can become a habit.  I found myself ordering the same four things (not at one sitting.  If that was the case I should probably be blogging about how to burn off a three thousand calorie meal).  My favorite go to is Vegetarian D – one chalupa, one bean burrito, and one quesadilla – and it is DELICIOUS!  Dulce Jesús!

I sat down that evening, cracked open the menu and looked for the first item on the dinner menu.  It was then that I put off the challenge for two weeks.  I was scared.

Let me start by saying I love chorizo.  That is some fantastic sausage.  However, since my run in with pancreatitis years ago I haven’t been the best of friends with sausage.  The richness and the fat content still causes me to get pangs in my back.  The first weekend I tried to figure a way around starting with chorizo and then the second weekend it was the night before the marathon.  No one likes doing a marathon with someone who may need to go to the emergency room.

Finally, dinner at El Maguey came around again.  When I picked up the menu and went towards the back the beau asked, “Will tonight be the night?”

“Yes.  Tonight is the night.”

As I told Lily what I wanted, I became tongue tied – obviously a sign that my pancreas was sending an SOS. No!  Not the sausage!   Beep beep beep..beep… beep… beep beep.   Of course my pancreas knows Morse code.

Lily gently helped me through my bilingual blunder.  “Huevo Con Chorizo?”

“That’s it.”

Huevo Con Chorizo – Scrambled Eggs with Mexican Sausage, served with Mexican Rice, Refried Beans and Two Tortillas.  – $8.25

When our plates were delivered, I quickly took out my phone and snapped a photo.

“Oh no.  You’re not becoming one of those people are you?”  The beau’s face expressed concern as his fork was already getting buried into his burrito loco.

“No.  I’m not becoming one of those people.  I’m becoming a blogger again.”

I’m going to try to be as unbiased as possible.  It is a known fact that I love El Maguey.  I was cautious and only ate half the plate.  I don’t know why because I think if the sausage is going to attack, the amount is not the factor.  The huevos y chorizo had a rich, smoky taste.  It mixed well with the side of rice and refried beans.  Slather all of that in your flour tortilla and you are as close to heaven as you can get with pancreatic meltdown looming in the distance.  If you are there at night but feel like you want breakfast for dinner, this is your ticket.

Next week…. Fajitas Salad!

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4 thoughts on “#Mondayblogs – Here I Am

  1. Heavens to Betsy – I thought pancreatitis was caused by excessive consumption of booze, not chorizo, and therefore I am a prime candidate – loads of booze (well gin really) but here in Beijing the only chorizo (which I LOVE) is imported plastic packages of very thinly sliced stuff – not so good.
    The photo of your dinner at El Maguay had me licking my lips….greed will drive me to an early grave.

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