You Bought It, You Read It: The Dog Year #Mondayblogs

The Dog Year By Ann Wertz Garvin

The Dog Year by Ann Wertz Garvin

This book was not part of my You Bought It, You Read It mission. I’m a sucker for someone handing over a highly recommended book, especially if there is a tie to the canine companion in it. It’s much like when you are dieting and suddenly everyone wants to give you a cupcake. That’s how I feel when I’m offered you a book. I could say know because I have a bigger plan to stick to… but I just can’t.

The Overview:
Dr. Lucy Peterman was not built for a messy life. A well-respected surgeon whose patients rely on her warmth, compassion, and fierce support, Lucy has always worked hard and trusted in the system. She’s not the sort of person who ends up in a twelve-step program after being caught stealing supplies from her hospital.

But that was Lucy before the accident—before her husband and unborn baby were ripped away from her in an instant, before her future felt like a broken promise. Caught red-handed in a senseless act that kept her demons at bay, she’s faced with a choice: get some help or lose her medical license.

Now she’s reluctantly sharing her deepest fears with a bunch of strangers, avoiding her loneliness by befriending a troubled girl, pinning her hopes on her husband’s last gift, and getting involved with a rugged cop from her past. It’s only when she is adopted by a stray mutt and moves her group to the dog park that she begins to truly bond with the ragtag dog-loving addicts—and discovers that a chaotic, unplanned life might be the sweetest of all . . .

My Review:
I never thought I would get around to this book possibly because my guilty conscious was shaming me for reading a book that was not on the YBIYRI list. At first, the book presents you with Dr. Peterman who is a thorough and competent surgeon that seems to have her life in precise order. Until you realize that she is lifting random medical supplies from the work. Then sometimes she can’t control herself at the grocery store, or a gift shop and even in public! She finds a dog roaming the streets and takes her home. (Sorry, that’s veterinary me thinking, ‘Aren’t you going to report her as a lost dog? Have her scanned for a microchip? Take her to the vet and have her vaccinated and spayed?’) Imagine my fears when she started to volunteer at an animal shelter.

There are lots of funny moments throughout the book and I enjoyed the banter that took place between Lucy and the other characters. I love sarcasm and this book has it! Everyone seems to be a smartass on one level or another.

I like a good happy ending, but I have to admit the way this books ties all the ends together is a bit of a stretch for me. The universe lined up perfectly, maybe too perfectly. I know, I know! It’s fiction. The writer can do whatever the hell they want.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a nice light read with some snickers and emotional moments. It’s not going to be a book of intense deliberating as some parts you can see coming. Spring will be back before you know it. Pick this book up for a lovely story to leaf through in the park.

Learn more about Ann Wertz Garvin on her website. 

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