The Christmas Card Report #Mondayblogs

Some of you may remember that last year I went on a great crusade to bring back the Christmas card! I feel like my generation has fallen off the traditional holiday greeting bandwagon. With Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Ho Flash (okay I made that up), we’ve given up on the ways of seasons past. I, dammit, am going to bring back the Christmas card! Last year, I was sad to announce that after all of my planning, signing, envelope licking and stamping I received 5 cards. FIVE.

As you can imagine, there was some thoughts in my head about not doing it this year. Nope. No one appreciates me and my one stab at holiday jolliness. You can take that disregarded candy cane of a notion and stick it you know where.

I got over my pity party and trudged on topping last year’s mailing list of thirty two by sending out forty cards. I sent the majority of them early (except the ones to my neighbors which also included an apology for not doing goodie bags this year) and hoped it gave everyone enough time to get a card back to me. That’s reasonable right?


I’m a proud to report that I received 13 cards! Thank goodness! My faith is slowly being restored in humanity!


This may come to a surprise to some of you, but the majority of my Christmas cards have a bird in the design. I did include one card this year featuring a cat. Cat people are crazy and occasionally you have to throw them a fake mouse to keep them in check.

All over the United States, people head out of their homes strode with destroyed wrapping paper to find After Christmas Sales! I may not fall for the Black Friday hoopla, but I do go online post-Christmas to buy one thing on sale. Christmas cards! Barnes and Noble has the cutest damn cards. It may be tacky to buy this year’s cards at half off and send them out next year. Say what you want. I call it thrifty. If you don’t like it, feel free to write ‘Return To Sender Due To Sender’s Tackiness’ and send it back to me.  I urge you to open them though.  The ones I got this year on sale… AMAZING.  Birds!  Birds!  Birds!


This frickin’ cute card was from my neighbors, Roxane and Gil. This is how you get in my heart, folks. Seagulls wearing Christmas hats get me every time.

This card is from my ‘big brother’ Ernie. This is the second year Ernie has reciprocated and it means so much to me. I know sending Christmas cards isn’t a common bachelor activity, but he hasn’t let me down yet!

Here’s to next year. Can I hit twenty?  Do you send Christmas cards?



7 thoughts on “The Christmas Card Report #Mondayblogs

  1. Nearly every Brit I know sends and receives Christmas Cards (well we did invent them) despite living in the intseerwebthingy age.
    Most cards you can buy in the UK are linked to a charity which gets a percentage from every card you send.
    I posted 60 cards by Chinese artists way back in early November, having gone on a special trip to a post office to get ‘pretty’ Chinese stamps. To my surprise/delight 90% of them arrived (Latin America let me down) and all recipients were delighted to get something ‘exotic’ in their daily post.
    When we arrived in Scotland to spend Xmas with my 90 yr old mum, I was flabberghasted at the number of cards she had pinned up on ribbons – 200+!! When I asked about them she said it was how she knows which of her contemporaries have died during the year as they don’t send a card when she has sent them one!
    My mid-30s son designed and made his own cards this year and jolly attractive they were too.
    Christmas cards are really useful/convenient, because it enables you to keep in touch with people when you don’t want to write to them regularly, and old people love getting them – then they know they are not forgotten.

    1. I need to get in your mom’s circle of friends! I’d love to get 200 cards! And your cards! How neat that must have been for your friends to get a non-traditional Christmas card. I’m jealous!

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