You Bought It, You Read It Fail #Mondayblogs


Last week I confessed that my 2014 Goodreads Challenge had finished with a big fail! I had challenged myself to read 36 books and I only squeaked in at 13 books. I can’t stop shaming myself over it. The lesson learned here is life happens and we’ve got to go with the flow even if that means missing out on flipping some pages.

Right before 2014 came to an end, I managed to screw up yet another challenge! My #YBIYRI challenge – You Bought It, You Read It! I’ve been working hard for over a year to chip away at my collection of books. Yes, books are pretty to look at and they smell quite lovely. However, they are meant to be read. I have to stop investing and start enjoying! I held myself to the mission of reading all of the books I owned before I bought anymore.

For the most part, I’ve done pretty well.

Then… this happened.

Ten books! Boom! Just like that!

See… what happened was…

The Friends Of The Eastern Shore Public Library puts on a book sale twice a year at the library in Accomac. This non-profit group works to enhance the services provided by the library and to improve the patron experience. I’m all about supporting this cause and therefor I decided to go obviously to only make a monetary donation and NOT buy any books.

Okay, you called my bullshit. I knew damn well if I stepped in that building I would buy books.

This was my first time going to this book sale. I’ve been to sales where libraries sell retired books from their collections. I was expecting to find books that were date-stamped, dog-eared, and fingerprinted (not in the criminal way, but the Dorito sort). To my surprise these are books that were donated to sell from personal collections. The books were in great condition and were selling from anywhere between fifty cents to two dollars. AND… they had free cookies and apple cider!

What I didn’t expect was the hordes of people in attendance! Since this number of people was a shock to me, imagine the look on my face when a nice little old lady said, “This is nothing. You should come back for the 4th of July sale.”

For the first fifteen minutes, I desperately tried to get myself worked in the rotation. There seemed to be no method to the madness. There were several tables loaded with books. I kept trying to integrate myself in the line to start circling a table. I felt like Forrest Gump for every seat seemed to be taken! I would wiggle my way between two people and start to move clockwise only to find out the person to my left wanted to go counter clockwise. Eventually, I had to put my game face on and start pushing my way to the books. Dammit, I want good books! These people had no idea! I had deprived myself from book sales for over a year now! I WANT TO BUY A BOOK!

These ‘Friends’ of the library are smart. They loaded me up with delicious cookies, surrounded me with books and would come take my armful away from me so I could pick up more books. “Can I hold these books for you at the checkout?”

“Uhm-mmm” I mumbled delightfully with cookie in my mouth.

I could have totally pulled a Scrooge McDuck and swam my way around the mounds of books.

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! And cookies!

What I’m saying is I do understand how heroin addicts feel when they relapse. You really respect yourself for the control you’ve been exhibiting all this time, but when it comes down to it your wellbeing is no comparison to that amazing feeling!



It was a relapse in book buying but it was certainly worth it!



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