Goodreads Fail #Mondayblogs


I figure I better go ahead and get this out and in the open now.

I failed my 2014 Goodreads Challenge.


Like so bad it is downright embarrassing.

How embarrassing you ask?  I read 13 books. My goal was 36.  Yeah, you mathaholics can start calculating that up.  It’s not good.

Last year, I signed up for the challenge blindly. I’d never bet myself (or others… is it really a race against yourself?) on the number of books my brain could consume in a year. “What fun,” I thought! I have all those friends counting calories and steps and carbs. You know what I’m going to count? Books!

To give you an idea of how much of a flop this turned out to be, I’ve bought myself a pedometer that not only counts steps but also calories burned.

It seems that I am indeed defeated.

But wait!

Isn’t the New Year a chance to learn from our mistakes and make strides to be a better person (reader)?

I’m hoping it is because I’m going to give it a go again! (Smack me now.)

So here’s my plan.

1. Remind myself it’s not a reading assignment.

I love reading but I don’t love it crammed down my throat. I think this is why I had a hard time with book club. It’s my defiant side I suppose.

2. Be a little more reasonable with myself.

I pledged myself for 36 books last year which seemed reasonable at the time. Three books a month! Sheesh! No problem, right? Somehow it did become a problem. Was it when I realized that friends of mine had pledged less? Or when I realized other people had signed up to do more? (Really, who the hell are these people that are planning on reading 259 books in a year? Come on, people!)

3. Live life.

Life happens. Whether it’s bird watching and bird raising, getting married, baking up a storm or developing some weird disorder that makes you seem like an out of control lunatic… life happens. When it does, you might have to put the book down and accept that those people reading a book a day are clearly going to smoke right by you. Assholes.

I’m stepping down the number and pledging 24 books this year. Two a month. Or three this month and one next month. Who knows, maybe I’ll bust out and read all twenty four books in the last month of this year.

Here’s to doing better in all aspects of our lives.


Are you participating in the Goodreads Challenge? Tell me how many books you are going to read. Unless you are one of those book a day jerks… in that case you can keep on moving.


12 thoughts on “Goodreads Fail #Mondayblogs

    1. Oh, I agree. I’m not sure why I let myself get sucked back in! Sometimes I feel it’s difficult to allow some ‘me time’ in my life so I think pledging books is the way I try to make that time.

  1. I failed miserably as well and my goal was only 10 books. I read a grand total of three…and a half. I’m aiming for 25 this year. Glutton for punishment? Yup. Crap.

  2. Sometimes I find time for books in odd times. Like when I’m ill and want to withdraw. There’s nothing like a root canal and Vicodiun to make you read A LOT. I headed to bed recently and piled up books I had bought and hadn’t read, determined not to buy a new one until I’d read at least some of them. That seemed a reasonable challenge. Besides, none of them were monster long, some under 2oo pages. There was only one I wasn’t happy with. All the rest, whether history or fiction, delighted me and took my mind off my pain or my wooziness. One or two were amazing. My extra reward was ordering something new at the end.

    1. There are very few things that can make you feel better after a root canal and I’m with you, books are one of them!

      I’m also with you on the no more books until I read all of these notion. I’ve been holding myself to ‘You Bought It, You Read It’. I have made a dent in my personal library, but I have also ‘relapsed’ a few times. It’s so hard. I LOVE books.

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