Freeze Frame! Halloween Montage!

Blast from Halloween Pasts! Have a great Halloween!


It’s with great sadness I announce that I am not dressing up this year for Halloween.  The year completely escaped me.  Where has time gone?  It seemed like yesterday I was just learning to write 2013 instead of 2012.  Somehow, November has snuck right up and I never put together an outfit to celebrate the last day of October.  *Sigh*

Halloween has always been a hardcore holiday in my family.  Sure we do Thanksgiving and Christmas, but bring on the real holiday!  HALLOWEEN!  You get to be whoever you want to be! A unicorn, yes!  A superhero, you bet!  Let your imagination go wild!

For the most part, we have been a homemade costume family.  Here and there, we have used some store bought fillers.  Our family has been passionate about creating our own costumes for years now.  While we are on the subject of passions for the holiday, I…

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