Food Ideas for Halloween Party

I’m so glad I came across Ema’s blog! These Halloween menu ideas look like so much fun! I love the meatloaf hand!

Food 4 Your Mood

Here comes Halloween, we are all set for it. Yipee! Ofcourse I will not like to spend my precious time in the kitchen. So here are some TIME SAVING HALLOWEEN PARTY IDEAS…..

Halloween’s Scary Hand Halloween’s Scary Hand

Halloween Scary Hand (Simple Meatloaf with shape of a hand)– The scary hand is here, it’s burnt, it it looks dreadful, but it’s yummy. Since time will be a constraint that day, I decided to prepare a quick and easy meatloaf, loved by people of all age groups. You can use roasted pearl onions to give an impression of dead nails. Then you can cover up the ground meat with cheese and tomato sauce, it’ll give an impression of flesh and blood, OMG! Nevertheless the ground meat (I prefer beef) must contain your family’s favorite Mediterranean herbs, especially garlic, barbeque sauce etc. to enjoy the taste of the fest.

Grave Pudding Grave Pudding

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