An Orange Vest #Mondayblogs

I usually write my blog for Mondays on Sundays.  (Oh, that’s fun to say.)  This Sunday I spent three hours with an amazing group of coworkers who volunteered to pick up trash with me.  That’s right.  I asked people who spend their working ours being peed on, pooped on, vomited on, … you get the point… to pick up trash on their day off.

It’s my inner hippie.  I want to do what I can to make the world a better place.  I’m not a Ms. America candidate so I know world peace is out of my grasp.  Providing Virginia with a two mile stretch of clean roads three times a year?  We got this shit.

That’s how we got ourselves signed up for the Adopt-A-Highway program and that’s how we spent our Sunday.  Eight people, two miles, three hours and eighteen bags of trash later I have this to say:  People, stop throwing your dirty diapers out the window!  I know the cloth people hound you about how long it takes for them to break down in landfills, but that doesn’t mean the better alternative is to let them break down in ditches!

In lieu of a cake blog, I present you with these fantastic photos.  10728968_10152429070297129_1252126650_nYes, I have way too much fun playing with trash.  I know.  

Trash Pickup 2

The gang 🙂

Trash Pickup 1

That’s more like it.


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