From The Desk Of The Dog: How My Summer Flew Away #Mondayblogs

Doggone it.

Where did my summer go?

I can tell you where it went.

It went to the birds.

That’s right. The birds.

I was so excited that winter went away. I was ready to greet summer with my ears flapping in the breeze. There’s nothing quite like peeing on a blooming azalea bush. I was ready! But then summer came and I had to share it with birds. You heard me right, birds.
First came a baby mockingbird named Chuck-Wee. I’d beg Food Lady to go on a road trip to the beach. She’d say no. She had to feed Chuck-Wee every hour. There was no time for the beach. Finally, Chuck-Wee grew up and started eating worms on his own. Yipee! My summer is coming back.


But then, my mom brought home another baby mockingbird! Baby-Wee! I waited patiently as Baby-Wee grew and grew. He was a sickly little fellow so it took a long time for him to start acting like a big bird. The time finally came and Baby-Wee moved on to be a real mockingbird.


I was so excited! Beach! Here we come! Long walks on wooded trails with Food Lady! Yay, summer I love you!

There was no beach because there were baby sparrows…
Food Lady! I want to go to the beach!


I had given up. I would never go anywhere fun again. Birds. Stupid, stupid birds.

And then it happened! Food Lady got me dressed up and we got in the car!
She rolled down the window and I got to feel the warm breeze on my face as it flapped my ears!


We went to a new walking place called the Eastern Shore Of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge in Kiptopeke. It was amazing! There was a path through the woods that led you to a giant staircase that took you up to the sky! You could see everything! And then… and then we went to the marsh! Oh, the smell of the marsh was so good! We continued walking through the woods and we found a giant bullet on display!

I sniffed it cautiously and turned to Food Lady. “It’s okay, Cody. This was an Air Force base a long time ago. That’s just for show. Not dangerous at all.”

Whew, was that good news.

“Do you want your picture taken in front of it?”

Do I ever!


It wasn’t all fun and games. Food Lady wanted to stop and look at birds. What’s with the birds Food Lady!

Once it started getting hot outside, Food Lady said it was time to go home.  I don’t know why she made me leave.  It wasn’t like I was tired.



We did get to stop at Food Lady’s favorite place! The Machipongo Trading Post! She loves the ice cream! I keep hoping she’ll share with me, but she says I can only have dog cookies.


I was so close to that Java Jolt goodness!

Summer is leaving us now and the days are getting cooler. I was certain that the autumn air would get us out on the trails more frequently. I was ready to explore in the crisp, fall air.

And now we have baby goldfinches.


Food Lady says Mother Nature goofed up and brought a late bunch of baby birds. I wish that nature lady would stop goofing up. She’s really making it hard for me to enjoy the outdoors.


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5 thoughts on “From The Desk Of The Dog: How My Summer Flew Away #Mondayblogs

  1. Every time I see that pic of Chuck-Wee, I have to fight the urge to photo shop in a little wooden crutch and the caption “God bless us, everyone!”.

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