A Pitiful #Mondayblog About Gingers

There should be a very entertaining blog here.

Unfortunately, last night my allergies and sensitivities expanded their horizons and while I was in the shower, I thought the face mask I was using had caught on fire.  Seriously.  My face was burning and was the next color up from fire engine red … whatever that may be.  Maybe crayola could consider Meldawg’s Allergy Red as their new stunning shade.

Benadryl and ice packs, I fell asleep with my Epi-Pen nearby.  Thank you body, for the hate you’ve developed for me.  Instead of writing a blog before bedtime, I went into a diphenhydramine coma beside the weary beau who probably wonders what sort of mutant he has married.  He promised me that if my face became a giant necrotic scab and sloughed off he’d still love me.

I was determined to get up early and write a fantastic blog… however… my brain is still in allergy medication land and I can’t stop looking at my face in the mirror.

I did find this funny image on Pinterest and that’s the best I can do today.  Sorry.  If my face is still holding next week I promise to do better.


Here’s to next week.

It’s not easy being a ginger.


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