Weekend Project

For weeks, I’ve been searching for an appropriate dresser to convert into an entertainment center.  Before the beau and I shacked up, my entertainment center consisted of a 1970’s floor model TV that came with its own box built around it.  My old grandma TV even had wheels!

The beau, a man of many entertaining electronics, came with an entertainment center.  It was the sort that you buy at Walmart and was totally appropriate for bachelor life.  Since we’ve been shacking it up now for two years, I thought maybe it was time for an upgrade.  It was time for a real entertainment center.

On Saturday, I stood at a town yard sale looking at a dresser who had seen better days.  “How much for this?”

“Make me an offer.”

Alright, I’m going to say it.  I hate it when yard sale items aren’t priced.  I understand that the owner may agree to bargain with you and drop the price… but I want to know where the owner is starting out at.  This isn’t a silent auction, folks.  It’s a frickin’ yard sale.

“Twenty dollars,” I said, not taking my stare off the dresser.

“Oh, I was hoping to get at least fifty for it.”

I wanted to say, “Then why the hell didn’t you put fifty on a sticker and slap it on that baby.”  Instead I said, “My plans are to take this things home, take some of it apart, paint it and then allow my beau to come at it with power tools.  I can’t pay fifty dollars for something I’m going to put through that much DIY with an unknown outcome.  I’ll keeping looking at the other yard sales.”

“Well, wait a minute.  I don’t want to take it home with me.  I’d like to get it off my hands today.  Would you do twenty-five?”

I asked my mother for her opinion and then said, “Yeah.  I’ll do twenty-five.”

I could have made that money back by charging every single person who watched my mother and I drag that item to my car and suffer through a miserable plot of how to get that damn thing in my Blazer.  This wouldn’t have bothered me if it was little old ladies with walkers.  What bothered me is that there were plenty of strapping men watching my mother and I (myself still recovering from my knee injury) battle with the dresser.  Finally, we were loaded up.  We had to fold down the backseats and my poor sister had to suffer the indignity of riding on the center console between my mother and I.

The Project:


The Goal:

Create shelving for satellite box, the genie box, the Wii and PlayStation.  Storage for our small collection of DVDs and games.


I began by peeling all the sheets of paneling (I’m sure there is a term for that material) off of the cabinets of the dresser.  I removed the drawers in the hopes of making that the shelved area.  The plan was for the TV to placed on top of the dresser.

After peeling off the majority of the paneling, some more stubborn pieces had to be ‘chiseled off’ so to speak.  Sadly this left some dings in the wood so I had to use some wood filler,  The beau recommended that I sand down the rest of the shiny surface to help the paint stick better.

The Colors:  Valspar Ocean Wave and Valspar Dark Chocolate



The beau then made me a shelf from plywood and drilled a hole in the back for wires with a paddle bit.



In my victorious DIY glory, I realized that something was going terribly wrong.  Dammit.



Damn my horrible, horrible allergies.

So, I took Benadryl and went into a state of drooling and drowsiness, which is why this is running so late today.

I’m excited to take on some more DIY projects to spiffy up furniture… maybe I’ll paint the piano next!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Project

  1. Veneer is the correct term for that ‘stuff’. Also, I think her problem was not with sitting on the console but (gasp!) no seat-belt. Safety first!

  2. Wow, that is a wonderful up-sizing of an un-wanted piece of furniture. I’d love to see the finished piece in situ with TV, dvd player etc. On a different note – isn’t Benedryl the best?!! how would I live without it!!

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