You Bought It, You Read It: Getting Warmer

Have you ever bought a book and forgot why you wanted to read it?

This is a book review about that sort of thing.  Guilty, completely guilty.


Getting Warmer by Carol Snow

Years ago, before I was a Barnes and Noble member, I had One More Book Syndrome.  Holla if you hear me on this one.  Barnes and Noble has free shipping on orders over twenty five dollars.  They’d also run specials like Buy Three Books, Get One Free.  Fantastic!  I love a good deal.  This was all trickery I’m sure, because once you got to the checkout page with your four books, your total would be roughly eighteen dollars.  This is where you had to make a choice.  Would you pay for shipping or would you buy just one more book?  Buying one more books is the rational thing to do.  If you are going to shell out more money, you might as well come away with a lovely story in your hands.  Agreed?

I’m sure that’s how I obtained getting warmer and no sooner than I bought it I forgot about it.  It’s been sitting a lonely life on my bookshelf.  Whenever I would glance for a title to read, buyer’s amnesia would hit me and I wouldn’t remember one darn detail about the book.  Getting Warmer, I would think to myself.  Did I buy some cheesy romance novel?  Did I get myself into some paper porn?  What was I thinking?  And so, Getting Warmer was ignored.

When I committed myself to reading every book on my bookshelves before buying another book, I dreaded the day that this book would be next in line.  The day came and I slid the book off the shelf and loudly said, “Ugh.”

The Overview:

Natalie Quackenbush is approaching thirty, drowning in debt-and living with her parents. It’s the kind of small talk she’d rather avoid. So she and her friends have found a way to entertain themselves on the Scottsdale, Arizona, singles scene: lying. Which isn’t a problem-until Natalie finally meets a guy she likes.

My Review:


It wasn’t a cheesy romance novel or sexy, sexy book at all!  This book was hilarious!  Getting Warmer isn’t about stripping down and getting naked with someone!  It’s about getting closer and closer to the truth!  Natalie is guilty of something I know I have done and I assume others have done as well.  You are at a bar.  You are having a few drinks.  You are approached by someone and when they introduce themselves you have the option to be honest or totally screw with this person you’ll never see again.

I’ve done it and if I was still on the bar hopping scene I’d do it again.  It’s so much fun.

And here is a book with characters who are doing it, too!

Okay, so it does backfire on Natalie, but even the backfiring is pretty hilarious.

This is one of those books that the characters feel so authentic (frighteningly so… because they feel like they were based on you and your friends).  This is another author that I plan to get more acquainted with when my challenge is over.

You can read more about Carol Snow on her website.  I strongly recommend that you do!

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One thought on “You Bought It, You Read It: Getting Warmer

  1. Oh this is obviously a medical syndrome, and I think I have suffered from it in the past…great idea for a book review theme!
    I read ‘Mennonite in a Little Black Dress’ several years ago and really enjoyed it, a good read….but I can’t remember why I bought it. Am now off to check out Carol Snow, thanks for the heads up.

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