From The Desk Of The Dog: Goodbye Winter

Spring is here!  Spring is here!

I love the outdoors, but even a fresh air loving dog can only take so much snow.


See that look.  That look is a dog who needs a warm breeze and some sunshine!  That dog is me.  I need sunbathing.  I need warm grass to lay on.  I need spring!

I thought I would show Mother Nature who was boss.  I’d teach her.  I pee’d on my bed.

Food Lady washed my bed.  Food Lady, she’s so smart but does such strange things.  Doesn’t she know that I was showing Mother Nature who was boss?  If Mother Nature keeps sending snow, I’ll pee inside.  I’ll show her.

I pee’d on my bed again.

Ha.  Take that Mother Nature.

Food Lady still didn’t understand and washed my bed AGAIN.

I heard her talking to my daddy about anxiety and dog behavior.  She talked about getting rid of something old to break the cycle.   Never did she mention sending messages to Mother Nature about the importance of outdoor urination.  Hmmm.  That Food Lady.

A week later, a package had showed up.



A new bed!  Had I known peeing on my old bed would get me a new bed I would have done that ages ago!  Food Lady had left an Orvis catalog where I could reach it and I had spied this bed right after Christmas.  Why!  Why did I ask for cookies for Christmas when I really wanted the Lounger Deep Dish Dog Bed?  I wanted to be that happy lounging dog in the catalog!  Thanks to Food Lady, now I am that lazy dog.


Okay, so Food Lady may not understand the rituals of breaking the snow cycle, but she does understand how to shop online and that’s what counts.


Cody celebrated Earth Day this year with NASA’s #globalselfie.  He’s so happy the weather is finally nice!


6 thoughts on “From The Desk Of The Dog: Goodbye Winter

  1. Best Nasa selfie of all I’ve seen!!!

    Dude, buy my dog a bed like that next time you are in the mood! He’d love it!

    My dog has a bed in my office, he stays there under my desk when I’m working, and bed in the kitchen so he can keep me company in there, his crate and bed in the bedroom and then he has a chair in the living room (he totally came with this chair!) It’s Spongebob, and it’s one of those toddler foam chairs, perfect size for my 6# dog, and he sits there when we are all running around!

    OH, and he has a massive dog bed for when I had a 90# dog living with us for about 6 weeks. That dog never used the bed once, but Shorty loves it!

    So, maybe he doesn’t need another bed!

    1. As I read this I was thinking, “Where is she going to fit another dog bed!” Now when you say he came with his living room chair, do you mean he moved in with his own furniture? Is he a Chihuahua… that totally sounds like something a Chihuahua would do.

      1. He is a Chihuahua!!!!


        I got him from a co-worker and he arrived with his own chair, blanket, ball and bag of clothes!

        For the record, I don’t dress him up… except at Halloween. He does have a Halloween shirt that I make him wear! 🙂

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