25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 25 … Finally

Rumors of me being kidnapped by the Colombian drug cartel have been greatly exaggerated.

Alright, there were no rumors.

And I only know one Colombian and she is super sweet.  I mean, I’m sure she could break bad on you if she had to but only if seriously provoked.  

I would like to say the injuries I sustained two weeks ago were at the hands of gangsters or the mafia, but sadly not.  Seems that I am just the victim of my own poor judgement.  More about that on a later date.

During this time of moping and being severely uncomfortable, I was on a slight hiatus from the social media world.  I watched some from a distance, but mostly I collapsed at the end of the day leaving me with no opportunity to stick to my regular schedule.  You think that if people suggest spending less time on your feet that would mean more time writing.  Another false statement.

I’m trying to break back in easy and finish up my 25 Song Challenge.

Day 25:  The Final Song:  A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of it.


I’ve never tried to listen to this song all day long, but when it was in its prime and frequented the airways often … I would blast the hell out of this song each time it came on.  It’s so much fun to sing along to … and the look people give you while you are sitting at stoplights.  PRICELESS!



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