25 Songs, 25 Days, Day 24


Day Twenty-Four:   A song you’ve danced to with your best friends.

There’s been lots of songs and lots of boogy-ing over the years in this group of friends, but probably none that was as well documented as this one.  Call it teenage enthusiasm or call it Jose Cuervo, we loved to jam to All-4-One’s song She’s Got Skillz.  I want to dance now just listening to it on YouTube.   Hit play and cruise down for some fantastic photos from the 90’s!


Oh yeah, that’s me.  You can certainly tell that I have skills.  (Check out those bibs!)


There’s Tracy, really shakin’ and bakin’!


Karen’s got that potion to cure those ills.


That’s a lot of rump-shaker there with those ladies.

Okay… the following photo is not from that night and probably not that song… but if we are talking about 90’s dance parties, I can leave out this photo.


That’s Karen skakin’ her booty in the front, I’m next with my infamous Moose cup and Dekaf is behind me.  I carried that Moose Cup around that party and everyone there kept pouring in some of what they were drinking,  It was strong, it was gross and I handled it like a man.

I’m the group straggler and I think everyone is pretty much finished.  Please check out all the bloggers that finished on time!

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4 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days, Day 24

  1. I’ve got lots of photos from that era. Usually drink in hand too. 🙂 I haven’t heard this one, but it has that 90’s sound. Speaking of rumpshaker… I loved that song! And boom boom boom shake the room – Will Smith! Haha. The Fresh Prince. There, take that 90’s flashback!! BAM!. Love the pics.

    1. Ha! Rump Shaker was the greatest. I was busted for inappropriate dancing at an after school event with that song. How about Tootsie Roll and Peculator? How I love the 90’s!

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