25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 23


Where were we?

Oh, yes, Day 23 … a song you can’t stand listening to.

Lucky for me, I have actually blogged about this horrific song before.  This … is what I had to say.

Diamonds and Pearls and Seizures – May 29, 2013

I may not be able to make it through this post without being admitted to a hospital.

Anyone have a Valium drip?  No?  No?  Anyone?

I feel twitchy already.  Dear God, what is it with that song?

Do you guys know it?  It’s by Prince.  It’s Diamonds…


Diamonds and….

Diamonds and P..p…p….p….p


Seriously, every time I hear it, I want to sit in a laundry basket in a closet and have seizures.

Diamonds and p.p..p… p…


There. I did it.  Kind of.

Let me be upfront and admit that I do love Prince.  I believe there are two different kind of people in this world.  There are those who love Prince and you sickos that love Michael Jackson.

If you are arguing with me right now, slap yourself.

I love all Prince songs, except for that Shiny Stones and Smooth Oyster Kidney Stones.  We have XM radio at work and I don’t know how we always end up on one of the five hundred stations at least twice a week that are playing the Anti Cubic Zirconia and Mollusk Mineral.  Today, I actually overheard a coworker say, ‘I like this song.’  I would have stayed and defended my reaction to it, but I was already having enough trouble walking briskly with convulsions to the damn station changer.

‘Must….tt..t.t.t..t. chhhhhhannnnnggeeeee….st…sta… .station!’  *Gallops sideways down the hall, falls and crawls the rest of the way to the office*

It is so widely known at work of my problems that people will count down the seconds when they hear Chemical Formula C and CaCO3.  

‘Ew, there’s the song.  Mel’s going to change the station in three… two… one.’  The dial spends wildly out of control and if I’m lucky enough it lands on the Elvis station, for that is the only station that can save me from hearing Allotrope and Nacre.

There was one day that I was cleaning teeth on a lovely dog, minding my own business.  Now, in veterinary dentistry, our patients are peacefully snoozing under anesthesia.  I’m listening to the beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor.  The scaler buzzes quietly along as a work.  Occasionally, the air compressor kicks in and out.  Beep, beep, beep.

I generally can’t even hear the radio back there with all the noise that comes along with that task  Then, I hear it.  Dun, dun, dun, dun….

Excuse me, I’m going to have a petit mal moment here just from humming that.

Okay, I’m straight.

I try to remain calm.  I continue to scale and hope that someone is either in the doctor’s office or in the lab.  ‘Is someone out there in the lab perhaps?’

A coworker came around the corner.  ‘Everything okay?’

‘With the patient and procedure?  Yes.  I do need you to go in the other room and change the radio station.’

‘To what?’

‘I don’t care!  Just something now!  I’ll pay dearly, PLEASE!  My hands are starting to shake!’

I hear the radio station move to another selection.  ‘Oh, thank goodness.’  I whisper to myself and the anesthetized dog.

And then, the damn radio develops a problem only the exorcist could fix!  It goes back to Hindu Birthstone for April and Hindu Birthstone for June.  ‘BAH!!! What happened!  Fix it!  Fix it!’

I can hear the desperate coworker scrambling with the radio.  ‘It keeps going back to Diamonds…’

‘Don’t say it!  It’s like Beetlejuice!  Don’t say it!’

Finally, the situation was under control.

Sigh of relief, followed by a slight case of the jitters.


There is some comfort to me that I could not find this song on YouTube.  It makes me think that there are other people that have united together and forced it out of that website.  If one searches long and hard enough, they will be rewarded … or cursed.  I found this on a website that may be in French perhaps.  There’s the link.  Good luck to you.


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7 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 23

  1. I don’t believe I know this song. I can tolerate some Prince songs and some Michael Jackson songs, but I’m not really a huge fan of either.

    1. I can accept that. I have never understood the die hard Michael Jackson fans. Then again, they probably don’t understand why this song makes me want to hide in a hamper… so I guess we are even.

      1. I was more into Jackson’s music when I was younger, but not so much anymore. Prince just kinda weirded me out with that whole name thing.

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