Double Whammy: Cake Of The Week

If you read Monday’s post, “Four Kittens and Seven Eyes”, you know I’ve had some crazy days recently … including a weird stomach bug.  Weird as in no one else seem to fall victim to it.  No one at work, not the beau, not my mother who was secretly exposed to me.  No one.  I can only start to wonder if I ate something that just did not jive with me.

The week of the illness, I made my weekly cake the night I started feeling not quite right.  You know that feeling?  My body was off but I couldn’t exactly tell what it was.  Oh, but how it made itself loud and clear twenty four hours later.

The cake of the week was an Applesauce Cake.  My grandmother had told me about a cake she made frequently when her and my grandfather were first married.  She had lost the recipe years ago and asked me to keep an eye out for it when I searched for cake ideas.  I found this recipe at One Perfect Bite and though it wasn’t exactly it, my Gram thought it was close.  She said hers didn’t have currants, which is fine because I can never find those.  I doubled up on the raisins instead.  I made the cake and went to bed, only to find out that I was going to be suffering so much in the following days that I would never get to try this cake.


Photo Credit:  One Perfect Bite

I have to totally rely on the beau’s rating of 7.5 on this cake.  I never got to try it other than the batter the night before.  I thought about winging it and at least writing up the blog after I had made a turn in my illness.  However, if I started writing about food that gurgle-y feeling would resurface and I would run off to ponder vomiting.

The following week, the beau had stopped planning for my funeral and I was ready to bake again.  His birthday was on the horizon and he requested his very favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I am constantly trying a different recipe for this.  I don’t know what I’m looking for (perhaps just a good old box mix, but that would be cheating).

This recipe came from Smitten Kitchen.  The yellow cake was yummy and the chocolate frosting was rich and unique.  The base for the frosting is sour cream.  It definitely made a very different frosting, but we both agreed that it was pretty darn amazing.  If you have the time, I’d give this one a go!

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

3702363307_c027e693f2_m 3702382269_4f13608878_m

Photo Credit:  Smitten Kitchen

The beau also gave this cake a 7.5.

Sorry that I didn’t get any photos on my own for these two weeks!

I’m glad to be back on track!  Keep your eye open for more cakes!



10 thoughts on “Double Whammy: Cake Of The Week

  1. Please explain – what is a ‘yellow’ cake – okay, I get the idea of the colour, but is it like what we call a madeira cake, pound cake, sponge or what? It looks delish…

    1. Hmmm… How to explain… it is a basic cake mix. It’s not as heavy as a pound cake and not as light as a sponge cake. It is used a lot for birthday cakes. The yellow is from the egg yolks and from what I understand that if you wanted to make a white cake, you just use egg whites.

      Did that help or did I just make it worse?

  2. Yay for cake!! I love baking myself 🙂 I just got a new oven and need to get used to it aka plenty of excuse to bake cake, cupcakes and brownies and well, lots of things haha.

  3. I will always make a white or yellow cake from a box… I can’t help it! LOL
    But I love the idea of a sour cream base for a frosting… hummm. I think a cake might be in my future!

    I think that every week when you post your cake post… sigh…

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