25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 20


Day 20:  The last song alphabetically on your iPod

As mentioned in my last two music post, my MP3 player has been missing.  I had to search deep in my brain for the first and last songs that would have been on it alphabetically.  Failing to remember each of the 200 songs, I am going by artist and I’m pretty sure Zee Avi would have been at the very end.

Do you know Zee Avi?  Oh, she kicks ass.  The first time I heard her was on a public radio station that features things like A Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and America’s Test Kitchen.  I’m not sure what show was on, but they played her song Honey Bee.  I’ve been hooked since!

I’m pretty sure her song Poppy would have been the last song alphabetically of Zee Avi’s on my MP3 player, but do yourself a favor and check out her other songs.  First of the Gang To Die, Bitter Heart and Kantoi are pretty rockin’.

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