25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 18


Day 18:  A song you love but rarely listen to.

I’m going to tell you something, and if you don’t like it, well then you can suck my imaginary cock.

I love Tori Amos.

It seems that Tori is much like Prince in the sense that you either love her or hate her.  You never hear anyone say, “That Tori Amos, she’s okay.”  Not the way it goes.  This girl is a Tori lover.

I saw Tori before I ever heard her.  No, not in person.  Her image was in a BMG music catalog (90’s flashback!  Holla if you know what I’m talking about!).  She had this flaming red hair and this crazed look to her.  Fourteen year old me said, now there’s a bitch I could party with… and she was.

After my ‘siting’, I sought her music out and I have never discovered one single song that I don’t like.  I have met one other die hard Tori fan in my life, and we were pretty much like a mini-cult in my area.  If you said something bad about Tori, we just might put a roadkill squirrel in your mailbox.  (And you better pray you have a mailbox, because if you don’t… just wait and see where we put that cadaver instead!)

At one time, I had almost a complete Tori collection … first in cassette tapes, then in CDs.  Then as I moved with the times, I synced all my CDs with my MP3 player.  I then donated the CDs to the Food Bank so the magic of Tori could spread and spread.  Genius!

No… IDIOTIC.  I lost my MP3 player two years ago and I keep thinking I will indeed find it in this house, so I’ve never restocked my Tori collection … or any other for that matter.  So that is why I rarely hear this song that I love, because I’m hopeful that I will find that little pink box of magic and 90’s hits.

Here’s a live version of Hello, Mr. Zebra.  You rock, Tori Amos.

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