25 Days, 25 Songs: Day 17


Day 17:  A song you that makes you want to dance.

There are so many songs that can make this girl booty shake.  This song makes me think of the years I did the heaviest of my bar hopping.  If I close my eyes, I can see me waltzing towards the dance floor, one hand in the air swinging a cold Corona over my head.  I’m already rocking back and forth.  I take a swig and finish off my beer.  I squeeze my way through the crowd, stopping momentarily to cut a rug with people I know, until I make my way to my best clubbing buddy Yardley.  Yardley was my officially dance partner in those days.  We both loved dancing and gin, and for an added bonus everyone knew Yardley’s wife was white … and they always assumed I was her.  It allowed me to go out there and get down, but also have a cock-blocking front.  It worked both ways.  Yardley’s wife knew that my assumed wife presence kept the single ladies at bay.

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