25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 16


Day 16:  A song that has made you cry

I had to dig deep into the online journals of the world, but I found it … and the song.  Isn’t it funny that one song could have caused you to becoming a sobbing puddle once and you can’t remember what the hell it was?

The Song:

 The Journal Entry:


I have been doing so well in my new found inner peace of not needing anyone until I found someone deserving.  That I was going to be stronger.  I was going to be less fragile.  I would put up with less and demand more.  I had gone for over a week without that inner pangs of not having a warm body beside me.  Not once had I slid my open hand across the sheets in yearning that someone would be there.  I hadn’t desperately stared into the darkness imagining that someone would be staring back.  I was alone and I was at peace with that.

And as things usually do, it snuck up on me.  Listening to the radio, a song that never comes on due to it’s probably ten years in age and I think it’s lack of on air popularity came on.  I went as stiff as rigor mortise.  I could feel the inner burning of my eye sockets ready to let loose.  As clear as I could hear the song, I could hear him singing along quietly in my ear.  I could feel him wrapped around me.  The tightness of his cheek pressed on my shoulder.  How I could be so naked, yet feel so protected.

Thankfully, it is a short song and it left as quickly as it had struck me to the core.  I breathed deeply unsure if I was trying to savor the feeling it had brought or if I was trying to walk myself through it.  I have to be stronger.  I have to be less fragile.  I have put up with less and demand more. 


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