25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 14


Whoever came up with list is a pure genius, because these keep getting harder and harder.

I asked the beau the other day what song made him think of me, and I got the same response I would have given to this question.  “How do you narrow it down to one song?”

For fun, I wanted to do Vanilla Ice.  Somewhere in the first year that we upgraded from being friends to being more, he sang all of Vanilla Ice while we were lying in bed.  Finally, my teenage dreams had come true.  Having a blue-eyed, blonde haired man sing Vanilla Ice to me in my bed.  There is a god!

You know that awkward time in a relationship when you know you love someone and you think they love you, but you don’t know for sure… and you don’t want to be the doofus to say you love them just to get the pat on the back, “Thanks” response? Well, that’s where I was.

Every time this song came on the radio or the music channel in our presence, the beau would sing it with a little more intent that just your average jam on the radio.  He’d squeeze my hand if he was holding it.  He’d sing the words in my ear if we were sitting on the couch.  He’d hug me tighter.  Because of this song, I knew that he loved me before he ever said it.

However, I had to know for sure … so at some point I drank a bunch of Guinness and said with one squinty eye, “Do you love me or what?”

Dating me … boy it must be quite experience.

And let’s be honest, I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch that the beau might have to break me out of a mental facility at some point!

Check out what songs my blogging homeys are picking!

Did That Just Happen

Surviving The Madhouse

Life In The Wylde West

Four Calders

Bishop Eddie Tatro’s Study

Writing In The Night

Mavadelo’s Mindscape


13 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 14

  1. I love this song!! Love the story behind it, but man, I love me some Ice, Ice Baby, too! This weekend I was watching him on DIY network, kinda like his renovation show. Okay, fine, I really like it!
    But, I do love EYB – and have even before they were mainstream – they are pure Texas County!

  2. If Mike could tolerate Country this song might be the one he’d choose for me!! One day he may have to break me out of an asylum. 😉

  3. Conversation between me and Chris:
    Me: Would you break me out of an insane asylum?
    Chris: No…I’m probably the one that would put you in there.
    Me: But after a while you’d come back for me, right?
    Chris: No…I’d probably think to myself one day “I miss Chelsea…I made the right choice.”

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