25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 11


Challenging, but not as bad as Day 10, comes Day 11, a song from your favorite movie.

I’m this bizarre person who doesn’t watch movies.  I know, it makes me strange.  I hear you.  I’ve maintained that I have seen twenty or less movies in their entirety.  If someone insist that I watch a movie, I usually fall asleep in the first fifteen minutes.  I think my brain says, “Oh, resting time,” and it’s lights out for this cat.

I do have you know, that ten of those movies I’ve seen… I have watched them a hundred times.  Alright, probably millions.

1.  Gone With The Wind

2.  Forrest Gump

3.  Dirty Dancing

4. Roadhouse (and trust me when I say everything goes back to Roadhouse)

5.  Under The Tuscan Sun

6.  Must Love Dogs

7.  Wizard Of Oz

8.  Chocolat

9.  Edward Scissorhands

10.  Benny and June

Note the last three star Johnny Depp.

I decided to go with Dirty Dancing’s Love Man by Otis Redding.  Why?  Honestly, ladies … who hasn’t prayed that Patrick Swayze would show up on the dance floor and save you from your dancing woes.  I know I have.


15 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 11

    1. What a relief to hear that I’m not the only non-movie person in this challenge. People always try to talk to me about movies. I try to nod nicely and pretend like I know what’s going on!

  1. Great list of movies!! I am a movie fiend. I used to own over 500 dvds. I’ve had to weed down due to lack of space, but I digress. You picked a great movie and a fabulous song.

      1. I had the soundtrack to Forest Gump. They chose some great music for that movie so I understand how hard it was for you to narrow it down.

  2. I love Roadhouse!! That’s like a cult classic in our family! 🙂 And excellent selection – I love this one, and the closing scene “No body puts Baby in a corner” and then cue “Time of your life”. Sigh. I melt! Great selection!!

  3. I just watched this movie the other night. Love it and the song choice. Having to start thinking about what songs I’d like to have at my wedding reception over the past 4 months I’d have to say that this one sits high on the selection with a plethora of other Otis Redding songs!

    1. Otis Redding is the man. This was on my biking soundtrack. I wonder how many people passed me pedaling down 600 as I sang this song to the top of my lungs.

      Now… if you can just get all your wedding guest to learn some Dirty Dancing moves to go along with the playlist!

      1. That would be AWESOME!!!! If Chris can lift me over his head at the end I think I would die laughing, because he would definitely drop me while in my fit of hysteria!

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