25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 10




My favorite band?

Ask me what finger I’d rather have chopped off, I’d come up with an answer so fast.

But this, really?

I have spent more time on YouTube than is acceptable for a woman in her thirties.

I’ve always loved music.  My class ring even had a music symbol engraved on it.  People would say to me, “Nice class ring.  What instrument do you play?”  I would reply, “I don’t.  I like to sing to the radio.”

While the beau washed dishes, I admitted I was stumped.  “Who do I pick?  How can you pick a favorite band?”

“I would think band would imply a group.  Is that what you are thinking?”

I agreed.  “Yes, band equals group to me.  So Elvis is out and Tori Amos is out and Snoop Dogg is out.  I was thinking about going with Cracker because that is who my senior quote came from.  I owe it to them.”

“What about Weezer?”

“I know… I LOVE Weezer.  What about the Counting Crows?  The Cranberries?  Verruca Salt?  The Beatles?  The Alabama Shakes?  If some asked you what your girlfriend’s favorite band was what would you say?”

“I don’t know.  Can you be funny and do your least favorite band?  I know the answer to that.  Metallica.”

“No.  It has to be my favorite band.”  I put my face in my hands.  “This hasn’t been a challenge until now.”

“You should go with that crow one.  I hear you talk about them all the time.”

“Do I?”

“Not really.  I was just trying to help you narrow it down.”

Finally … I decided.

Nirvana.  In the all the piles of cassette tapes (don’t you laugh, it was the 90’s), Nirvana dominated the scene.  Sadly, I was just getting on the Nirvana train when I was 13.  This didn’t leave much time before the devastating news hit me that my new favorite person on Earth was dead.  (I still think Courtney Love killed him, but I think his early demise was coming no matter who pulled the trigger.)  I remember taking vows of silence on each April 5th during my high school years while wearing my favorite Kurt t-shirt.  His unkempt blonde hair, that cardigan he totally rocked in a way that would make Mr. Roger’s blush, his troubled blue eyes starring off into the distance beyond my shirt and close to my heart.


I can’t believe this Saturday will be 20 years.

It’s taken me all day to decide and could have easily taken as long for me to pick what song.  Here’s to you, Kurt.  Your band came up with amazing songs that touched the confusion of my teenage soul.  You made me feel like I wasn’t alone, years and years after you were gone.

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