25 Songs, 25 Days: Day 8


Day 8:  The Song That Reminds You Of Your First Love

I’m sure you are thinking that I’m calling my first love out as being a creep, but that’s not the case.  Well, he may be, I haven’t seen him since 1993.  Who knows what could happen in 21 years.

JESUS!  It’s been 21 years!

21 years ago, it was my first official summer as a Cape Charles resident.  On Strawberry Street there was a little pizzeria that I’m sure was not of the highest of standards.  That’s where I met Dan Esposito.  He was from Pennsylvania, spending his summer vacation at this cousin’s house and delivering pizzas on a bike.  I thought Dan was something special.

My best friend Karen and I stopped by the pizzeria one day to buy some questionable food and cream soda.  It was a slow delivery day, so Dan and his cousin hung out at the restaurant.  This song was blaring on the radio and the shop owner suggested that Dan should dance with me.  He replied, “I don’t dance.”

At that point, his cousin came out of the back with a broom and chased Dan, screaming “Dance, motherfucker!”  It was the most hostile slow dance of my life … and I laughed the whole time.

I have no idea where Dan is these days.  After he returned to PA we wrote a few letters back and forth, but by the time the following summer rolled around I’d realized that we’d likely never see one another again.  I’ll never forget him, our one summer together or our one forced slow dance.

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