The Graze Craze

I love to eat.  By nature, I’ve been a grazer.  Yes, much like a cow.

Roughly two months ago, a coworker was telling me about a great new product she was enjoying.  She was receiving shipments of delicious snacks.  The goodies were healthy and perfectly measured out in the proper snack proportions.

Would I want to use her friend code and join?  I would get my first box and my fifth box free!


Before you condemn my coworker as someone who wants me to mail her a dollar and ask all my friends to mail me a dollar, I truly don’t think she was trying to sell my soul to the munchies devil.  (Although, she did get a dollar off her next order when I used her friend code… hmmm…)  She is just an all day grazer like myself!  Another cow on the pasture so to speak.  This wasn’t a get rich scheme … well, at least not for the two of us.

I jumped on the train and waited anxiously for my first shipment of satisfying refreshments.  My coworker was excited to be getting a dollar off and I was psyched about my batch.  I was to expect a delivery every other week and my credit card to be charged six dollars for each of them.  (Except the first and the fifth, and a dollar off my next shipment if I could sign up a friend with MY friend code NJLJNG7YP)

I wasn’t the only one sold on the amazing concept of nibbles in healthy portions.  Other coworkers had signed up as well, and before me.  I was able to see the box others had received before mine came.

I should have been suspicious when the FAQ section said not to worry about delivery.  Your crate of snacks was designed to fit in a standard mailbox.  When I saw a coworker with their brand new box of goodies, I tried to hide the expression on my face.  The box holding your four snacks measured 9 1/2″ X 6 1/2″ X 1″.


I know that we have evolved to be creatures that eat way too much in one sitting, but still I thought this bite to eat would be more than … well… a bite.  I had told the beau all about my new treat membership being on the way.  The day before it came, he proudly came walking in the door carrying a cardboard box that would have barely fit in my arms.

“I think your snacks are here!”

“No.  That’s our new shredder.”

The snacks came the next day.  As I held the puny little box out to the beau, he took it and said, “What’s this?”

“Those are the snacks.”

Oh, he laughed and laughed.  “You paid six dollars for that box?”

“Well, no.  That box is free and so is my fifth.  Plus if I get other people to use my friend code (NJLJNG7YP) I can get a dollar off my next delivery.”

He continued to laugh.  “I think you’ve been swindled, my dear.”

Swindled or not, I ate my nosh.


The Positive Aspects Of Boxes:

They are measured out to prevent overeating at break time.

The ingredients are healthy and nutritious.

It’s nice to receive packages vs bills in the mail.

They are non-perishable so they are nice to  keep in your work locker for emergencies.

Some snacks contain chocolate.

The Negative Aspects of Boxes:

I totally sound like a used car salesman when I’m trying to convince others to use my friend code(NJLJNG7YP) .

I had to call my mother and verify that the email I sent her about and my friend code (NJLJNG7YP) was not spam.

I do feel a little swindled.

What Boxes Have Taught Me:

I can whip together a snack just as easy as Graze can.  See!


Apple, walnuts, sunflower seeds and craisins!  Fantastic stuff there!  The possibilities are endless!  I could substitute the apples for celery!  Or switch up the dried cranberries for raisins or dates or dried apricots!  Kick those walnuts out and try some pecans.  I’m sure you could even slide a few chocolate chips in there without being too indulgent.

So moral of the story is take care of yourself and eat well.  If you can do it with your own free will and self control, good for you.  If you need help, then try out!

Just make sure you use Friend Code  NJLJNG7YP.  



6 thoughts on “The Graze Craze

  1. You cracked me up! I will admit I’ve looked into Graze and another site like it, but all of the reviews were the same, the price per ounce was astronomical compared to making your own at home… and well, I have a teenage boy at the house… snacks that size just piss his appetite off! 😉 I hope you enjoy and that you have several takers on NJLJNG7YP!

    1. Oh my goodness! Teenage boys and their ability to scarf down the contents of a small village!

      I think I’m going to miss the Graze when I stop my membership (after my free fifth box), but it just isn’t economical.

  2. is a UK company that began with two chaps in 2008. I now live in China so am slightly out of the loop, but originally I kept being sent sample boxes and being urged to sign up for it. Why?? As you say, it is easy to put your own healthy snacks together.
    But many big firms in the financial centre of London (aka ‘The City’) thought it was a cool idea for their employees and they subscribed. One thing lead to another…
    Anyhoo… last year the company did a trial run in the USA and within 2 months 55,000 people signed up for the boxes (!!?? WTF – more money than sense in my opinion).
    Two weeks ago I was talking to an old friend in England and asked about her highly intelligent, highly educated (Masters Degree from a top UK University) daughter. ‘Oh’ said my friend ‘she’s joined this wonderful young UK company called Graze, and they’ve just expanded into the USA…’

    Next stop world domination in the healthy snack market (at a vastly inflated price). I will not be buying Graze boxes any time soon. I think it is a craze and will die out, but before then the founders will have sold the concept to some big corporate for squillions.

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