Cake Of The Week: The Charlotte Apple

The amazing thing about the internet is that you ‘meet’ people who can introduce you to foods that otherwise you would never know about.  Herschelian from Jasmine Tea & Jiaozi commented on my last Cake Of The Week and mentioned several desserts the Brits refer to as ‘puddings’.  They all sounded quite lovely but the Charlotte Apple caught my eye.

A.  My second orphan pigeon’s name was Charlotte Elisabeth.  The bird was a lunatic and was constantly paranoid that someone was out to get here.  (Possibly could have been the first case of documented Pigeon Schizophrenia).  I love her though and anytime I see the name Charlotte it makes me reminisce about my good old pigeon days.

B.  I have a love for any dessert with apples.  Mmmmm…. apples.

C.  Fruit = Healthy.

Herschelian recommended that I used this recipe for a Traditional Charlotte Apple.   I made my grocery  list and headed to town!

A word to the wise.  Perhaps when getting all gung-ho about a new recipe that is popular on the other half of the world, you should spend a little time reading the directions to discover the necessary list of tools.  This is where I came to a bit of trouble.

A.  A Pudding Basin

B.  A two pound kitchen weight

C.  An ovenproof plate

The beau found me buried deep in the closet as I dug for a possible way out of this problem.  “Something wrong, sugar?”

“Yes.  I wished we lived in England.”  I climbed out of the storage area with my great grandmother’s antique iron.  “The recipe says that I need a pudding basin, an ovenproof plate and a two pound kitchen weight.  How much do you think this weighs?”

“Oh.  Probably five pounds.”

“It’ll have to do.”


What you are witnessing here is my great grandmother’s antique iron (as promised), a cake pan and a souffle pan.  I’m sure Herschilian is shaking her head right now.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The outcome:

This is the photo provided with the recipe link I posted above.


Photo Credit:

This is what mine looked like:


“Oh, dammit.”

The beau walked into the kitchen to inspect what could be the cause of the current cuss words coming from my mouth.  “That looks really good.”

“You should see what it’s supposed to look like.”

“We’re not going to worry ourselves about that.  It looks just fine.”

We served ours up with vanilla ice cream and it was a real delight, despite it looking like the sloughed version of it’s true self.  The beau could not bring himself to rate it since it’s not a cake.  It’s the comparing apples to oranges argument.


What we did learn about the Charlotte Apple, and perhaps this is because it wasn’t prepared with the proper tools, is that you should probably consume this immediately after baking.  We had some after dinner the first night and stored it in the fridge.  The first night was definitely better than any serving after that.  (Message to take home:  stuff your face silly the first night!  Fruit = healthy!)


4 thoughts on “Cake Of The Week: The Charlotte Apple

    1. Ah, thanks! I keep telling myself it is the rustic American cousin of the lovely one.

      I enjoy making an ass out of myself, so ‘public baking’ really seems to work for me! Glad I’m not alone. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Hi Melanie – I am chuffed as all get out that you made an Apple Charlotte and gave me a mention…whoo hoo! Don’t beat yourself up about the way it looked, the taste is what counts!
    I loved that you used your grandmother’s antique iron as a weight, so stylish. I usually resort to cans of baked beans etc as my weights. The Delia Smith picture is the ideal, but when I looked closely at it I realised it was a photo of a small individual Charlotte, probably made in what is known in the UK as a ‘dariole mold’, which makes it much easier to produce a small crusty upright dessert. I think your Charlotte looked yummy. This is my 90 yr old Mum’s favourite pudding – whenever you ask her what she would like she always says ‘I just want something simple – an Apple Charlotte would be nice.’ Simple??? my eyeball.

    On another note entirely my latest blog post refers to your blog and if you have a look you will see why.

    1. It was really good despite the looks! And thank you for letting me know that was a single serving of the Charlotte Apple. That makes me feel better!

      I love your weekly mission and the saying you started with! Thanks for the shout out on your blog. Made me feel special!

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