Daylight Crazy Time

Flashback from last year. And yes, I still feel the same.



Can anyone tell me WHY THE FUCK WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES!  I refuse to believe that I am the only person wandering around with personality symptoms that rival those caused by Hitler’s syphilis.  I’m cranky, confused and want to kill anyone who says ‘but the day is longer.’  Bullshit, count it up.  You still have twenty four hours in a day.  The only difference is that I’m now getting up at five in the morning instead of six.  Don’t lie to yourself, it is really FIVE a.m. right now.  Extra hour, sheesh.


This is why other countries laugh at us.  Sure, we can tell ourselves they laugh at us because we have an unhealthy obsession with infomercials, fast food and Justin Bieber.  Again, lie to yourself if it makes you feel better.  And I know, we aren’t the only country that does it.  There are others, and they are…

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