It’s Tea Time – Tea Cakes


In my little imaginary world, I always have pastries and a pot of hot tea on hand.

In the real world, I have a Keurig maker with assorted K-cups.

Last weekend, my mom and sister were coming to my house for lunch.  This is an amazing accomplishment for me since I am commonly referred to the offspring that was still burning hot dogs a few years ago.  I made the Oven Roasted Autumn Medley from Budgetbytes and a salad.  I wasn’t quite in the mood for whipping up a ‘real cake’, but for weeks I had been searching the internet for these little forgotten jewels.  The Tea Cake!

I’m sure when the beau is asked to rate this, it will be another controversy over judging non-cake items.  I’m sure he will be unable to fairly judge tea cakes (that are kind what would happen if sugar cookies had a love child with biscuits) to real cakes.  Oh well.  They were delightfully good and enjoyed by all.

Tea cakes are simple desserts.  There’s nothing flashy, nothing spicy, and certainly no frosting.  It’s an old-fashioned treat and we all know my soft spot is growing for old-fashioned goodies (that soft spot may just be the width of my ass growing.)

I finally chose this tea cake recipe from the Syrup and Biscuit blog.  I loved the looks of this one, but I also love the preface that goes along with the post.  It sounds like the two of us must be related somewhere down the line.

*NOTE* Tea cakes do take a bit of planning.  The dough will need to chill in the refrigerator at least one hour before rolling and cutting the cakes out.


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