Ramblings of a Crazy Bird Lady

Today is the final day of the Great Backyard Bird Count. I’ve been busy counting birds all weekend and was unable to whip you up a new post. However, I pulled this oldie but goody out. Enjoy!


If you see me quietly staring out a window, either that of a building or a car, I’m likely looking for birds.  Right now there’s a few Canada geese flying over.  It’s barely light outside and they are already moving from the pond across the way down to the creek.  I stop and listen.  Do you know why they fly in V fomation?  It helps combat wind resistance and allows the flock to fly for longer distances.  The goose in the front serves as the leader and is victim to the most resistance.  The job is switched out as the goose gets tired.  All that honking?  It’s done by everyone but the leader.  The rest of the geese are cheering him on for taking the most difficult position.  In V formation the flock can easily see one another.  If someone falls behind because of injury or weakness, two other geese…

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4 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Crazy Bird Lady

  1. Beautiful post! I love Canadian Geese too. I didn’t know they mated for life or why they flew in a V formation…interesting! Thanks for the lesson 😉

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