Something A Little Sweet… Even For Non-Believers

We don’t celebrate holidays within our household.  The poor beau is always getting his cage rattled about this.  Our practice does not seem at all natural.  People are constantly questioning him and insisting that he is going to be in so much trouble because I can’t really mean that I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day/My Birthday/Christmas.  I admit, part of my ‘no gifting’ request is selfish.  I hate shopping.  I’m horrible at gifting.  I just don’t like it.  Removing the ‘gift giving’ aspect of a relationship may have been the most freeing act I have ever committed.  The lack of gifting voids the following possibilities and anxious feelings:

1.  What if he hates my gift?

2.  What if I spend too little?

3.  What if I spend too much?

I did whip up some cookies yesterday.  Our week had been hectic and I had not made a cake yet.  I saw the beau staring longingly at an empty cake container Thursday night.  “There’s been no cake this week,” he said in a sad, sad tone.

The cookies, Cherry Chocolate Kisses, came from The Curvy Carrot blog.  The recipe met my one cake requirement: the dessert is made from scratch.  They look much like Peanut Blossoms, but don’t be fooled.  These cookies are a shortbread type cookie.  I did add an extra teaspoon of maraschino cherry “juice” for extra color and a touch more sweetness.  I found the recipe made 30 cookies, not 3 dozen.  (Several people said they made these cookies for a child’s Valentine’s Day school party.  That six cookie variance could be important depending on you kid’s class size!)

I love a shortbread cookie and I have enjoyed these.  I don’t think this recipe should be limited to that sappy ass Hallmark holiday.  I believe you could serve this recipe anytime you wanted to offer gorgeous cookies.



6 thoughts on “Something A Little Sweet… Even For Non-Believers

    1. I can’t wait for technology to advance to the point that I could beam blog followers cookies. Didn’t they have something like that on the cartoon The Jetsons?

      Thank goodness, someone who doesn’t think I’m insane when I say, ‘Ew, gifting!’ That’s why I prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas. Let’s just all get together and stuff ourselves silly. Poo on the presents.

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