Feral Goddess: Christmas Inventory

Ah, it’s that time of year where you desperately stuff all of your holiday cheer in a box and move on with winter.  I followed my mother’s superstition this year and did not take down the Christmas tree until after the sixth of January.  I don’t know about you folks, but I like to keep bad luck at bay.  This last week I’ve been keeping the house at frigid temperatures to ‘preserve’ the tree for as long as possible.  The Fraser fir seemed to still glow with green health.  That was not enough to help me sleep though.

I have a history with house fires, and let me tell you, all it takes is to wake up with your parents whipping you out of bed in a smoked filled room once… you are done for.  Every little thing is a potential fire hazard.  I frequently quadruple check the oven and the candles before leaving the house.  Needless to say, the aging Christmas tree was worrying me.  We have baseboard heat at our house and the tree was in a corner with its back surrounded by the heat source.  The beau may have not noticed, but every day the tree crept further and further away from the wall.  I was starting to freak out.

The sixth finally passed and the first day I had time to undo the evergreen festival of lights was Saturday.  As I started taking down ornaments, I tried to take a mental inventory on what I had.  As the years have passed, I need my ‘filler’ ornaments less.  Special decorations have started taking over the tree.  I find myself every year, wandering the aisles of Michael’s or another crafty store asking myself, “Do I have that bird ornament?  I think I have this bird ornament.  Can you have too many bird ornaments?”

My love of everything bird is communicated well in my tree.  There are birds everywhere.  It’s not perfectly decorated, but it is our tree.


I decided the best way to take inventory is to catalog and share on the blog.  Then come next year, when I spend fifty dollars on birds for the tree … one of you lovely readers will clear your throat and say, ‘Bitch, no more birds.  It’s out of control.’

001 Collage (1)The Repurposed:  The cute little turkey is part of a matching set the beau gave me our first Thanksgiving together.  When the tree went up, I stuck them in the tree and they have been Christmas ornaments since.   The bag of coal, Melanie bookmark and Mel star came from an Angel Appreciation party I attended years ago.  A woman I knew through work through a huge brunch at the local country club to thank people who had helped her that year.  I felt so special to be involved in such event, I kept my table markers and goodies.  The Happy New Year headband was from New Year’s Eve 2010.  Tracy and I partied it up at Kelly’s Gingernut Pub in Cape Charles.


The caption says it all about these three.  I’m sure there’s more of these to come.


I feel kind of bad for the beau, all these silly birds.  He has a few that are special for him.  The reindeer (for deer season), the king of beers, and a Napa Auto Parts ornament.


I wonder all cardinals became the official bird of the holiday season?  I support redheads of every species, including the feather sort.


My pigeon Pesto would wing-slap my ass for this.  Doves may be his cousins, but you could always tell he thought they were idiots.  We all have those relatives, don’t we?


Of course a lady with red hair, fair skin and green eyes is going to have Irish ornaments… and a German pickle.  There is a rumor going around the internet that the legend of the Christmas pickle is a bunch of made up hogwash.  We don’t have children, so I practice the tradition of having the beau hang this one early in the game.  Then I can spend the rest of the tree trimming saying lovely things like, “I found your pickle!”, “I’m tickling your pickle,” or “Your pickle just rubbed my arm while I had these balls in my hand.”

The beau, the poor, poor beau.


The rustic collection displays some of my favorite wild birds.  How lucky I was to find the rustic Canada Goose and Mallard.


I love these three!  They look like real birds hanging on to the branches… well kind of.


Cross our fingers, we’ve not had a cat in the tree incident yet!  We don’t want to give them any ideas.


It’s true.  That sparkly shit is all over my couch.


My mother agreed to make me a tree topper bow this year if I found a ribbon I liked.  Micahel’s had a whole shelf of glittery green, red, gold and silver ribbon.  I wanted something different.  That’s when I spied the Happy Holiday’s material.  Brown and tan, looks like burlap.  I LOVE IT!  It’s good to be different.  Learn how to make the painted bulbs here.


What?  I think the jellyfish is a holiday creature.


After all of this hard work, I now know that I have plenty of room for more birds!  HA!  Watch out stores, I’m coming to fill my basket with birds, birds, birds!

Update From The Lost Practice Of Christmas Cards: 

After sending out nearly 30 cards, I received 10 back.


2 thoughts on “Feral Goddess: Christmas Inventory

  1. Hi Melanie. I don’t want to rain on your Christmas tree and American practices may be different but the custom in the UK is that it is bad luck to take down Christmas decorations after Twelfth Night, Jan. 5. We follow it because we’re fed up with the decorations by then and everywhere needs a good clean anyway! Happy New Year!

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