Cake Of The Week: Hummingbird Cake

The comeback cake is here!  It’s been a month since you and I discussed any delectable desserts.  Why are we wasting time?  Let’s getting chatting about The Hummingbird Cake!


Excuse Buttercup, that mixer loves a good photobomb.

I had heard rumors of such a cake.  A recipe that contains pecans and two fruits.  You know what that means?  Healthy, this cake is healthy.  Repeat after me and shove a big heavenly slice in your mouth.

Where did I get this recipe?  I’m glad you asked.

This super cute couple gave it to me.


I’m wondering if they will let me in on a baking threesome.

My little brother and sister gave me this recipe book for Christmas, at my request.  Anyone that has ever tried to give me a gift knows that my gift request is usually this.  “Nothing.  Please get me nothing.”

This year … I wanted something.

I’d been doing a little research in old fashioned baked goods.  You’ve seen what I’ve been up to here lately.  The Old Fashioned Banana Cake, The Lemon Zest Cake, The Tomato Soup Cake, and The Co-Cola Cake.  You can keep all that fancy fondant work.  I want something that was enjoyed generations ago.  Cakes that people haven’t heard of because they’ve been left behind.  I’m bringing old fashion cake-y back.  (Take the Justin Timberlake).

In my search, I came across Cheryl and Griffith Day.  They own The Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia.  (ROAD TRIP!)

You may be thinking, Mel obviously loves these people because of their quirky baked goods life.  That is true.  There is one other fact that is magic to me.

Cheryl was a Soul Train dancer.  I aspired greatly to be a Soul Train Dancer in my pre-teen days.  When it came time for the Soul Train Line dance, I would boogie away in front of the TV.  I may not have had a ticket to ride, but no one was going to hold me down.

Now… back to cake!

I’m sad to report that I don’t think I can post the recipe here, out of respect and copyright issues.  I can tell you to run out and buy the cookbook.  The book is amazing.  Yes, there are great recipes and fantastic pictures (that put mine to shame, example below).  I’m so glad I have this book because it also includes tons of plain speak and practical advise.  I feel like a better baker already and I’ve barely rolled my sleeves up.

The cake is delicious!  Even though I have several cans of the protective sort around the house, I could not find mace in the spice section at my grocery store.  After a little searching online, several sites recommended using nutmeg instead. Being that this cake is so good, I can’t imagine how kick-ass it would have been if I could make it just like the Days.

The cake is dressed up with a cream cheese frosting and decorative pecans around the base.  If you are really talented, you could go all the way with the floral arrangement.  (See, I told you their pictures put me to shame.)


The beau is rating this at a 9, which is the first cake to come close to the pumpkin cake we had in the fall.

It’s good to be back in front of the oven.  Mmmmmmm Cake!


5 thoughts on “Cake Of The Week: Hummingbird Cake

  1. It sounded so great, so I had to go Google it, once you said it had two fruits in it, I was hooked! Per the internet, a Hummingbird cake is a banana pineapple spice cake… with cream cheese frosting. I may have to try my hand at baking!

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