A Little Off The Cuff

I apologize for this morning’s ramblings in advance.

In my defense there was a prepared ‘From The Desk Of The Dog’ ready for release today, but Cody is under the weather.  We argued about it a great deal this morning and finally Cody admitted I was right.  His piece will press tomorrow if he is feeling better.  After an evening of vomiting, he’s exhausted but seems more comfortable this morning.  Fingers crossed, there’s been no more chunk blowing since 8:00 pm last night.

Has anyone missed Cake Of The Week?  Don’t worry, I haven’t been a complete slacker.  I baked 18 ‘gift’ cakes last week, not including the three whiskey cakes that exploded in the oven (or the cookies, chex mix and no-bake pretzel turtles).  I received two recipe books for Christmas, filled with delicious desserts.  Bet your ass I’ll be back at that oven soon!

The beau and I have sworn in our New Year’s Resolutions.  His is to get into shape, mine is to properly measure flour for my cakes.  Seems there may be some resolution turmoil in our future.

I’ve done some worldly pondering in the last few days.  Why in the hell do the flashy rinses only come in juniors’ jeans?  I keep seeing that dark denim with the ‘seriously distressed’ pattern and they only come in juniors’ sizes.  Come on fashion world, only teenagers and models have hips that narrow.  Sir-Mix-Alot says shame on you!  Where’s the stylish pants for us curvy ladies?  

Alright, I have not had enough coffee and even less sleep.  You are on your own from here.  Keep your peepers open for From The Desk Of The Dog later in the week.

Thank you for your understanding and patience… Happy New Year!

PS- Because I love you guys, I’m hooking you up with this link.  The 22 Most Embarrassing Pages of The 1990 JC Penny Catalog!  



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