YBI, YRI: My God’s Mercy, Now That I Think About It


My God’s Mercy, Now That I Think About It

I’ve gotten a few strange looks during this read.  What is the girl of ‘cocktail religion’ doing reading a book with such a title?

It’s true.  I have what my sister named ‘cocktail religion’.  I try to maintain a Buddhist lifestyle.  I love the gods of Hinduism.  The saints of Catholics.  I love Hebrew words.  I like how the Mormons believe all good people will go to heaven despite what their religious beliefs are.

You could say that I’m a little noncommittal.

This book was one of my ‘cheats’.  I bought it about a month ago and added it to the list, even though I had vowed to stick to my You Bought It, You Read It plan.  I was attending the funeral of my dad’s best friend at the African Baptist Church of Cheriton.  I’ve known Tightman as long as I can remember.  As a child, I visited his home often.  His family has to be the nicest people I have ever known.  Tightman wasn’t originally from the Shore, so I had never met anyone in his extended family.  Not until the day of his funeral.  This congregation was mourning the loss of a father, a brother, an uncle, a friend.  This was a sad day indeed.

Or was it?

I have attended many funerals in this lifetime but this was the first at a black church.  I had brought Kleenex’s and I drank extra coffee for some positive zing.  I was ready for what would certainly be nothing but sorrow.  However, the funeral proved to be one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Lillie V. Apiyo is Tightman’s sister.  She read an excerpt from her book at the funeral.  The section she read told a story about Tightman from their childhood.  As I joined in a ‘Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!” (Don’t laugh, even a Buddhist can get caught up in the moment), I knew that I was about to break the rules.  I was going to go home and buy this book.

The Overview:

How often has the Lord extended mercy unto you and it was simply overlooked? Perhaps you can relate to instances when you did not comprehend just what was going on in the spiritual realm. Why did things develop as they did? This was not the scenario you imagined in your mind. The odds were against you, and the outcome was surprising! God was surrounding you with mercy (compassion), even when you were not aware of His presence in the midst of that situation. Angels were on assignment from the Lord, and things worked out in your favor. That is what My God’s Mercy, Now that I Think about It! endeavors to portray. The book contains true stories that begin with family, and people strategically placed in my life by God to bring change, naturally and spiritually. The late Pastor Lillie B. Sanlin is interwoven throughout the book, as she was one of the vessels of honor God used to introduce me to new life in Jesus. Trace my journey carefully; see the hand of God at work so that He gets my attention and the glory. Take a few minutes and think about how God’s mercy has prevailed in your life. Now, tell the Lord “Thank you Jesus” for He has been and still is good to you.

My Review:

You can certainly feel Ms Apiyo’s love of spirituality in this book.  Her story starts off as a child and has funny tales about growing up in Mississippi.  You’ll find strength in her mother’s trials as a single parent.  You’ll giggle when she tells you the story of the butterfly skirt.  You’ll bite your nails when you learn about her bus trip up North.  When you read the parts of children and discipline, hopefully you’ll want to shout out “Amen” just like I did.

Faith can be a fickle thing for some of us.  It’s incredible to read the words of someone who loves God so much and can put all of her faith in Him unconditionally.  As I said above, I practice a cocktail religion.  This book touched me in my confused soul.  I can’t imagine how this book effects those who are strictly Christian.

I recommend this book for those who are devout, but also for those who are wayward.  I think this book will warm your soul no matter who you are.

Next Book:  The Year Of Fog by Michelle Richmond


One thought on “YBI, YRI: My God’s Mercy, Now That I Think About It

  1. Yeah, I’m definitely fickle on anything religion. But I have always been curious about those who have no to very little doubt in their beliefs. Sounds like a good read, I may have to check it out.

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