Instinct : Sneha Kothair-Mashru

It’s been two months since the terrorist attack at a mall in Kenya and I cannot stop thinking of this woman.

How many of you would have done that?  Would have thought of that?  How many of us would have laid there and cried our eyes out until the gunmen came back and shot us?

I’ve always been in awe when it comes to instinct.  I always think of a duckling I raised once.  Even though he had been away from his own kind since he was a wee little fuzzy baby, he knew what water was the first time I filled up his pool.  He hopped around with great enthusiasm at the splashing sounds the hose made.  He taught himself to fly.  He knew deep down in his little duck soul he belonged in the sky.  Instinct, it is just amazing.

I hardly ever think about the instinct of humans.  We seem to just squeak by.  The way we react to situations in generally learned and not something deep-rooted.  Sneha Kothair-Mashru has changed my mind about this.

I feel awful for her watching her describe what happened.  Do I almost sense a tinge of guilt that she lived because this boy died?  I wish I could hug her and say, you are a survivor!  Look at all these ridiculous television shows about people living through these ‘scary’ situations that are rigged.  Survivor, Fear Factor, Man Vs. Wild.  Dear God, there’s even one about being naked on an island.  Man up you wussies.  You’ve gotten paid out the wazoo to run around without an ounce of clothing on TV.  You have nothing on this girl.  She truly is a survivor.

It makes me wonder, would I survive such an event?  Would I be brave enough to play dead?  Would I try to run?  Would I try to hide?

I don’t know.  I can only hope that my instincts would kick in.  Like my little duck Gator.  Like Sneha Kothair-Mashru.


Photo Credit:  NBC News


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