Cake Of The Week: Simple Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

I just lied to you… simple should mean I bought a box cake, a plastic jar of icing and called that shit done.

I wouldn’t want to use plastic though, that just looks cheap.

Any die-hard Martha fans probably just recognized I just dropped a Martha-ism right there.  My mother and I were watching her show once and she said that.  Don’t use plastic.  It looks cheap.  Oh, Martha!  You make us southerners laugh!

Say what you may, to me … Martha Stewart is the luckiest woman in the world.  Watch this in its entirety.

Really, is that all it takes to get Adrien Brody to wipe you down with a towel?  *Runs out the door to by Cranberry Orange Cosmo ingredients IMMEDIATELY!*

I pick on her, but Snoop Dogg seems to get along with her, and we all know if Snoop embraces something I’m on that bandwagon!

Okay, enough clips right?  Let’s get our cake on!

Cake Of The Week had been limited over the past few weeks with my dad visiting.  He no longer eats chocolate, which was sad because the beau had been really wishing for a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Hands down, this is his favorite type of cake.  Dad returned to Florida and the chocolate flood gates opened!

In April, I made the beau one of these cakes for his birthday.  I found a nice recipe online for a three layered cake.  I was so proud of the way the cake turned out … then came the frosting.  I’m not sure if maybe my cornstarch was not up to par, or maybe the cake gods were punishing me for the yellow cake pride.  The frosting would never come to an appropriate consistency.  It continuously ran off of the cake.  After all the baking, and frosting, and cussing … it looked like a yellow cake castle surrounded by a chocolate moat.  I cried but the beau ate happily and swore it was the best cake ever.

After that mishap, I decided to break out the big guns … it was time for Martha.  Martha doesn’t screw shit up, right?


The Cake Recipe:  I made the two layer cake (didn’t want any flashbacks from that three layered one mentioned above!).  The cake batter was good and it wasn’t dark yellow.  It came out a very pretty light yellow.  After a day or so, I found the cake to be a bit dry.  I’m not sure if that was my doing because we all know that I’ve still got my training wheels on when it comes to this baking shit.

The Frosting Recipe :  If you are looking for a super chocolaty frosting – you have found it!  To me, it almost tasted like fudge.  Now I admit, I wasn’t all Martha-esque with this.  By best quality semi-sweet chocolate, I hope she meant Toll House chocolate chips.  Instead of chopping that chocolate, I just bought the mini-chips and that seemed to melt down just fine.  The recipe calls for Dutch-process cocoa powder.  Again, I was whipping out the Nestle product.  So shoot me, Martha.  At least I didn’t get the grocery store brand.  And yes, you read that recipe right.  The frosting calls for three sticks of butter.  Did Paula Deen have a say in this?  I will tell you this about the frosting.  It makes a LOT!  I even whipped up sixteen cupcakes to take to work because I couldn’t stand to waste that much frosting.  There was so much left I was incredibly self-conscious that I was not using an adequate amount of frosting!


This cake is a looker!

DSC01980The beau rated it at 7.5 to 8 out of 10.

Here’s to you, Martha.  To your baking, homemaking and your smooth moves….


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