Feral Goddess: Honey, Please!

Do you ever say:  If I had all the money I threw into (insert item here), I’d be rich.”

The first money pit I usually reference to is booze.  It has given me good times, courage, stories to tell, hangovers, heartaches and most importantly… debt.

The second one on my list would be acne products.  About twenty years ago I started my battle with acne.  I’ve known acne longer than I’ve known some of my friends.  And though I probably notice the scars and the pimples more than anyone else does, I am pretty self-conscious about it.  I hate photos being taken of me.  There are very few pictures of the beau and I, and I’m going to say the ones in existence are pre-dating and I’m probably sloshed.  If I am in photos, I’m generally with a crowd of other people and making a silly face.  Then people say, oh look at Mel!  Always so crazy.  Not, oh Mel and that horrific skin!  Why doesn’t she use something!

Oh, I’ve tried things.  Over the counter washes, Pro-Activ, prescriptions creams.  I’ve tried it all with various results.

Correction:  I have not tried it all.  An old woman once told me that if I rubbed my own urine on my face that my acne would clear up.  That I did not do.

The medical field seems to have a various range in their opinion of treatment.  I’ve been prescribed several medications to use at different times of the day from a nurse practitioner.  My previous primary care physician gave me this helpful advice.  “One day you won’t care anymore.”  That’s super.  What about right now while I pick at this zit and make it five hundred times worse?  What if I die in fiery car accident before I don’t care and I never get to experience that joy of not caring that my face looks like it has been through a cheese grater.

I had a fifties something gentleman making my sandwich at Subway address the matter once, telling me the things he used when he was younger.  I wanted to know if he also had any tips on how to touch-up my roots.  New Flash For Men:  Women generally do not want to discuss their acne in public or over their lunch.  Unless I start out by saying, I could really use some advice about my skin… then please don’t let loose on me.  I think about it enough.  Please let me have some peace over my tuna sub.

On the subject of food, I’ve tried altering my diet.  People will blame it on chocolate.  I stopped eating chocolate.  Then they say, oh it’s not just chocolate.  It is all sweets.  I cut back on all sweets.  Nothing.  I couldn’t stand being depressed about my skin AND living without chocolate… so obviously I went back to the chocolate.  Sodas, oh it could be the sodas.  I stopped drinking sodas.  Nope.  I went vegetarian.. it’s all the grease in meat.  Nada.  My skin looked the same.  Bring back the steak, I want to drown my sorrows in A-1 sauce.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money.  I’ve wasted a lot of opportunities.

If you follow my post, you know that I’ve taken on a bit of a hippie self-sustaining lifestyle recently.  While searching articles on the benefits of goat milk soap, I found an article about honey as a face wash.

Is this article telling me that I can challenge my current acne face wash with honey?


Wait!  The same honey that I mix in with my hot tea?


I pondered it for a bit.  Was I brave enough to leave my face wash that was doing an alright job?  I had no serious breakouts on the Biore.  Did I really want to screw with that?

Yes, I did.  In the pursuit of a cleaner lifestyle with less chemicals, this was the way to go.

The length of time seems to be a bit of a debate.  Some people say that you apply to the face and rub it in a little (two minutes) and then rinse.  There were some comments that people would apply it for thirty minutes.  Those people obviously had more time in a day than I do!

This is the regimen I’ve been practicing.  I apply it to my face when I first get in the shower, continue with my shower routine and then rinse.  This way, it stays on my face for about five minutes.  I do this with my morning and evening shower.  (I have showering issues, don’t laugh!)  I have continued to use my witch hazel toner as part of this routine.  Once a week, I mix baking soda in with my handful of honey.   This provides some exfoliation.  I will warn you, baking soda and honey is not delicious.  Be careful not to lick this off your lips while you are waiting.


After five weeks, I wasn’t sure if I could see a difference.  I would catch fleeting glimpses of myself in the mirror (I never look in the mirror long because I hate visually acknowledging my acne).   My skin felt softer, but was the acne improving?  You know, sometimes in life you just need another perspective.

Week six, I went to my hairdresser to have my hair cut.  I sat in the chair and she covered me with one of those smocks.  There is only one reason I hate having my hair professionally cut.  It is that big giant mirror that gives me the opportunity to stare at myself for twenty minutes.  I get to count the scars and blemishes.  But wait!

My skin’s complexion had softened.  It looked less red and irritated.  Dare I say it … were there less pimples?  Had the scars lightened?

Yes.  Things were looking better.  I sighed and relaxed a little.  For the most part I kept my eyes locked in the mirror on my hairdresser, but occasionally for the first time in ever, I would steal glances of my skin.  It was looking better.  Thank God, my acne looked better.

Now… if I could just find something for these dark circles under my eyes.


2 thoughts on “Feral Goddess: Honey, Please!

  1. Oh, honey, I relate to this. I have been using a combination of castille soap, vegetable glycerin and honey as a face wash for about a year now, and it has made a huge difference. I cut gluten out of my diet, and that also really helped.

    If you find a remedy for dark circles PLEASE let me know.

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