Myspace Blog: Get Your Post Back

When social media was in its primal state of Myspace, many of us took advantage of the blog it offered.  Myspace fell off the face of the Earth in the face of Facebook, Google + and Twitter.  The only time anyone used Myspace anymore was in the phrase, “Remember on Myspace…”

Much like a scorned woman, Myspace got chicken-headed.  She decided to reinvent herself and get her groove back.  She burned years of love letters (blogs) and pictures.  New Myspace was going to be the new frontier.

What really happened:  I don’t think Myspace is ever going to have a real comeback with the original group.  We have matured and feel that Myspace was that place of our younger days.  The ‘New Myspace’ did get our attention however.  What’s that saying about not missing something until it’s gone?  Yeah, that was us Myspacers.  What right did Myspace have to dispose of pictures and blogs that rightfully belonged to us?  

I was not a whiner about it.  My thought was if we had really cared about those items, we wouldn’t have entrusted them to a site that was going down like the Titanic.  It was our own damn fault.

Months ago, they made it possible to retrieve your old pictures.  I admit, I ran back with arms wide open to get my photos and headed for the hills.  But wait, there’s a reason for me to come back down the mountain and see the battlefield!  

Blogs are available for a limited time!

What you must do:  

This link will explain it all:  

The site says it will take months, but within minutes I had an email saying that my blogs were ready for download.



One thought on “Myspace Blog: Get Your Post Back

  1. Oh Myspace. The social media site where I met my love! And to think, if I hadn’t read a Myspace message we may never have met!

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