Hippie Scratch And Sniff

The beau hugged me this afternoon and said, “Mmm.  You smell good.”

“I smell like a hippie?”

“You smell like a hippie.”

It’s true.  These days I’m smelling like a hippie.  Don’t be judgmental.  I’m still doing my obsessive compulsive twice a day showering.  Those of you who know me well will be glad to know I haven’t had a three shower day in a while.

For almost two years now, I’ve been making my own household cleaners.  My sinuses and allergies thank me.  No more heavily perfumed concoctions with enough chemicals to dissolve the paint off the walls.  I use white vinegar for the floors and the toilet.  I make my own ‘soft scrub’ for the sinks and shower.  My laundry detergent takes up a little time and kitchen space, but it is significantly cheaper than store bought and I think it gets my clothes cleaner than Tide ever would.  Ew, and dryer sheets!  A thing of the past here.  Wool dryer balls with a few sprinkles of lavender essential oil are the only thing I’ll toss in with my laundry.

I should have known it would only be a short time before I was going even one step further.  The beau, who has accepted this lifestyle as his own, was not surprised when this delivery greeted him at the door.


I have discovered Indigo Wild!  And look!  On the other side of the box there is a cute goat!


No goat inside though.  Sadly.

But wait!  They have Goat Milk Soap!


They have so many scents!  They even have a chart to help you decipher what scent you may want based on your aromatherapy needs.  I couldn’t decide so I ordered the bundle pack!  YAY!  Goat soap!

You may ask, “Mel, how the hell did you find this website?”

It was the hunt for lemongrass body spray.  When Presleigh died and I finally returned to work, I carried a wrapper from a bar of goat lemongrass soap in my pocket.  The lemongrass had the most soothing smell.  Did it fix all of my sadness?  No.  However, if I could feel the emotions starting to bubble up, I would pull out the wrapper and take deep breaths.  After a few breaths, I could feel a calm coming over me.  Was I just hyperventilating?  Perhaps.  I’d like to believe in the power of aromatherapy though.  The bond I developed with the scent led me to buy a bottle of body spray, which I began wearing to work to combat everyday stress.

A few weeks ago, I ran out of body spray.  I convinced myself that the scent magic was all in my head.  No reason to waste money on myself.  As the days passed, I could feel myself getting a little more antsy and a little more irritated every single day.  I’m just exhausted from all the overtime, I thought to myself.  We are understaffed and I’m finally feeling the effects I’d say as I was grinding my teeth.

I began searching my Buddhist/Hindu soul again.  I began reciting mantras, counting out every prayer with my japa mala.  This helped, but I was still missing something.

You guessed it.  I got online and started searching for natural body sprays with aromatherapy properties!

Lemon Lavender Patchouli  




In the past, I have not been a Patchouli girl.  The aromatherapy description of this scent is exactly what I need on the job.  Soothing yet invigorating.  Keeps you jazzed up through the day and holds you back from strangling anyone.


th (1)


The reviews were so great about this one, I decided to indulge and buy one I could wear on non-work days.  It really is an amazing smell, super warm and earthy.

They also sent me some free lip balm in Mint and Rosemary.  This tube is as big as my Epi-pen.  That gives me great hope that I won’t lose it like the millions of tubes of Chapstick that has come before it.


They seem to sell a little bit of everything.  Cleaning products, baby products, pet products.  If you are into nice smells that have a purpose, but lack chemicals that will burn your nose hairs off, give them a try!  I’m totally digging them, and then, we can smell like a hippie together!


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