Cake Of The Week: Uncle Bob’s Apple Cake

I know that this woman’s picture may make some readers angry.


Oh sorry, I meant this woman.


BUT WAIT!  Get a gander at this!


Ah, yeah.  Look at that cake.   Mmmmm … Paula Deen may have been a closet diabetic and she may have slipped out the n word… but her Uncle Bob’s Apple Cake can’t be hated on.

Saturday, the beau came home with a giant brown bag of apples.  You may not believe what I will be saying next. These apples smelled like apples!  This wonderful bag of fruit came from someone’s ‘yard tree’.  Go bury your head in a bin of apples at your local grocery store.  You know what they smell like?  Nothing.  My mother and I have discussed this before.  Red Delicious Apples don’t even taste like apples.  It’s much like the feeling you get when having a winter tomato.  That is no tomato.

Once I pulled my head out of the bag, I knew this was going to be the key ingredient in my upcoming cake.  I was already living on a high from my current read.  Frances Mayes discusses the freshness of fruit and vegetables in Italy.  Under The Tuscan Sun has convinced me that the rustic Italian life is for me.  And there I was, in my kitchen with a bag of REAL APPLES!  Get me a glass of vino and let’s get to baking!

The Cake:  The cake is dense and moist with a pleasant texture.  I followed the advice of a recipe reviewer and used extra apple.  Another reviewer suggested cutting the sugar back from two cups to one.  I think this would have been perfectly reasonable.  Ever since I cut sugar from my coffee, I’m a bit more sensitive to sweetness.  The beau thought the sweetness level was fine.

The Glaze:  Last week’s Lemon Zest Cake had a similar glaze.  I was pleased to hear a fellow blogger thought the glaze was a bit strange.  I thought the same thing the first night of the cake.  The beau ate it without a complaint.  I thought I was being a sugar weirdo again.  Two days later, I was hitting the cake again after a long day of work.  Just like meatloaf, the glaze was better after some time spent in the fridge.  Nancy (The Year Of Sweat Blog) agreed giving the glaze another shot after it had settled into the cake gave more delectable results.  Same with this cake.  The honey glaze was peculiar when I mixed it up.  The next day it was quite pleasant and complimented the apple cake nicely.

The Pan:  Thank God I still have my mom’s Bundt pan.  I need to buy my own and have no idea why I haven’t.  SORRY MOM!  I will return your pan.

Overall, I think this is a keeper.  The beau says on a scale of 1-10, the Pumpkin Cake being a 10, this cake is a 7.

Here’s the recipe for Uncle Bob’s Apple Cake.


9 thoughts on “Cake Of The Week: Uncle Bob’s Apple Cake

  1. Well, I already made cranberry scones in homage to your butterscotch and chocolate chip scones from last weekend, but I think I may have to make this sometime this weekend. We still have leftover apples that we picked at Mason Beach Fruit Farm so this would be perfect!

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