Cake Of The Week: Lemon Spice Cake

When I’m not stalking the woman at Life’s Ambrosia, I am totally crushing on Beth from BudgetBytes.  When coworkers ask me about my lunch, I go into this whole love spiel about how my life in the kitchen revolves around BudgetBytes.  True story.  Beth gave me the bravery to explore my culinary side.  Her simple recipes are delicious and easy for a kitchen moron like me.  I’m actually making her baked spaghetti ask we speak.


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Our cake of the week is Beth’s Lemon Spice cake.  I have to say, I am becoming quite fond of cakes that have lemon playing a starring role.  It seems to keep the sweetness in check.  The ‘spice’ of the cake reminded me of the Pumpkin Cake.  The recipe is easy and is mixed by hand.  This was nice, but also made me a little sad.

I still love you, Buttercup.  Next week, there will be a cake for the two of us to mix up together.


This cake delivered as promised.  I sent my mom and stepdad with some and they gave it the thumbs up.  The beau is in cake heaven.  I have another excuse to use the new Keurig twice a day.  I mean, who can have afternoon cake without a cup of coffee.  Not this grenga.

Do you have a recommendation for Cake Of The Week?  I’d love to hear it!  Post a comment below!


11 thoughts on “Cake Of The Week: Lemon Spice Cake

      1. I have to agree with you that the cake is the star of this recipe. It was strange, the first slice I had I wasn’t sold on the glaze. I don’t know if it changes as it ages or if it was just the crazy work week breaking me down into a sweets deprivation… but after a couple of days I started to dig the glaze.

        Thanks for trying it!

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